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child support, child support enforcement, child support laws
child support, child support enforcement, child support laws
child support, child support enforcement, child support laws
child support, child support enforcement, child support laws
child support, child support enforcement, child support laws
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child support enforcment, child support laws, child support, deadbeat dads


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Ask The Child Support Expert

Question: My daughter keeps getting told that the state won’t help her because she doesn't have the fathers Social Security number. In the past she has given them location of work and home – phone numbers – family contacts but still nothing. Is this going to be the case everywhere – that if she doesn’t have his SS# then there is nothing that can be done?

- Charley

Answer: It is the state government child suport agency's responsibility to obtain the Social Security number from the Soical Security Administration if they need it. Also, Social Security numbers are on divorce decrees (since 1997), insurance cards and polies, etc.. But it does not sound like they may need it, since she has provided his address and employer in the past to the government child support agency. Your daughter should write a letter to the local child support agency's supervisor asking for them to: 1. Follow up on the information she has already provided, and if he is still employed at that location to attach his wages for current and back support. 2. If he no longer work's there, obtain his social Security number and use it to access the State Parent Locator System to find his current employer and sources of income so that they can be attached to collect current and back child support. Or if, no assets are found he should be serve with a legal notice for a contempt of court hearing and be brought before the judge to enforce the child support order.

- Geraldine Jensen

PS. Whenever you need to know what action to request from government child support agency? -- see child support case troubleshooting

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by Geraldine Jensen

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