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I had a very difficult case, interstate and the father and I were never married. By reading How to Collect Child Support, I learned exactly what to do to. It worked! I just collected $5,000 in back support payments!" -- Cheryl, MD

How to Collect Child Support explained the child support laws in a way I could really understand and apply them to my case. My kids now receive weekly child support payments from a payroll deduction order. I highly recommend the book!"- Jeanne, IL. Purchase How to Collect Child Support, 3rd Edition -- $14.95

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by Geraldine Jensen

This book is a complete guide to collecting child support. Learn how to work with Government child support agencies, attorneys and do-it-yourself methods to collect child support. Written by Geraldine Jensen a child support expert . Download this pdf bookHow to Collect Child Support, 3rd Edition or order the CD ROM and begin to learn your legal rights about collecting child support. Get the knowledge you need to navigate the child support system, and child support laws. You will learn how to effectively enforce your child support order to ensure that your children receive the support they deserve.

  • Child Support Laws
  • Court Child Support Enforcement Methods
  • Navigating Government Agency Bureaucracy
  • Collecting Back Child Support Payments
  • Collecting from the Self-employed or Unemployed
  • Finding Nonpaying Parents and Their Assets
  • How to Win in Court
  • Establishing Paternity
  • Interstate Child Support Enforcement Cases
  • Do-it-yourself, Income Witholding (Payroll      witholding) Form
  • Do-it-yourself, Contempt of Court Sample Form
  • Collecting Medical Support
  • Getting the IRS to Help Collect Child Support     Payments and Much More

About the Author -- Geraldine Jensen

Her rise from welfare mom to becoming the leading advocate for child support enforcement was the subject of an ABC made-for-TV movie, Abandoned and Deceived. Founder of ACES, Association for Children for Enforcement of Support the largest child support organization in the U.S. Author of Child Support: A Complete Reference and member of U.S. Commission of Interstate Child Support. she has lectured at universities across the U.S and provided expert testimony to Congress numerous times. More

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