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child support, child support enforcement, child support laws
child support, child support enforcement, child support laws
child support, child support enforcement, child support laws
child support, child support enforcement, child support laws
child support, child support enforcement, child support laws
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Collecting Child Support Fromm Under the Table Earners

Question: I have an court order for child support. No payment has been made since Feb. 2006. I have been in constant contact with the division of child support enforcement with no results. I have been told that he is not working and not receiving unemployment benefits. I know he is living off of something I don't think it is right that I have to take care of my son by myself. I was told lately that we are waiting on a court date. How long does it take? I know there is some kind of money flowing through his hands. He told me that he was not going to pay me any money. I know that his ex-wife works (well used to) for social services. I just hope that there is nothing crooked going on. What can I do to help speed up the process? How far is he able to get behind before he goes to jail? This is really just pitiful. What is my next step? Please help me as soon as possible..

- Michelle<


It sounds like some investigation is needed, a contempt of court hearing will not help collect any support unless there is some evidence he has income.

Make sure the Government child support division does a credit check on him and subpeona's his bank records before the contempt hearing. They should also do a State Parent Locator to look for assets. Make sure they check to see if he received some type suit lump sum payment - law suit, worker's comp, lottery, etc. Write the Government child support division director and request this, doing this in writing gives you proof you requested it. When you get to the court hearing and it has not happen, tell the judge(referee, magistrate) that the agency did not do it and ask the judge to set up a review hearing for after the investigation process. Ask the judge (referee, magistrate) to order the government child support division to do the investigation.

Help gather evidence, does he have any friends you can talk to try to find out if he is working off the his? Have you called hise house during the day, is he home? Did he have any hobbies he might be trying to turn into a job?

- Geraldine Jensen

PS. Whenever you need to know what action to request from government child support agency? -- see child support case troubleshooting

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by Geraldine Jensen

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