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child support, child support enforcement, child support laws
child support, child support enforcement, child support laws

More About the Author by Geraldine Jensen


Geraldine Jensen founds ACES is founded in Toledo, Ohio. ACES successfully advocates for legal representation for welfare and non-welfare families entitled to support.


Income withholding at the time an order is entered during divorce or paternity. Law passes Ohio Legislature. Geraldine Jensen testified at the Ohio Senate and house of Representatives and led a lobby effort to pass the law. Toledo.


Ms. Jensen coordinates an organizing effort to build ACES which becomes the largest child support advocacy organization in the U.S. with 45 chapters in Ohio and chapters in 16 other states.


First national candlelight vigil is held on April 27. ACES president Geraldine Jensen testifies before Congress to outline problems with state child support systems and to advocate for a law for income withholding at time of divorce or establishment of paternity.


Family Support Act is passed by Congress; it includes ms. Jensen initiative for income withholding, mandatory guidelines, and paternity establishment. Ms Jensen designs and develops leadership training courses. ACES leaders from 15 states are appointed by governors to state guideline committees. Five states enact felony non-support laws due to ACES leaders advocacy.


ACES holds first national "Golden Heart and Heartless Awards." ACES files a federal lawsuit against Texas Attorney General's office. Ms. Jensen is appointed by president Regan to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Service Advisory Committee. She successfully advocates for regulations for time frames for government child support agencies to follow.


Geraldine is one of 15 child support experts appointed by President George H. Bush and the U. S. Congress to the U.S. Interstate Commission on Child Support.


Ms. Jensen's first book, "How To Collect Child Support" is published by Longmeadow Press.


Geraldine testifies in front of the U.S House Judiciary Committee and Senate Finanec Committeeee to advocate for criminal non support laws. Congress enacts the 1992 Child Support Recovery Act, which makes it a federal crime on interstate cases if the non-payor fails to pay for one year or is $5,000 behind, whichever occurs first.


A total of 100,000 families entitled to child support contact ACES for information. ACES is featured on several national TV shows and magazines. Thirty-four ACES leaders are appointed to serve on state child support guideline committees.


ms jensen designs and develops a public relations and fund raising training for 400 local chapters . Over 5,000 volunteers participate in the training sessions!


ABC made for TV movie, "Abandoned and Deceived" airs. The movie is the story of Geraldine Jensen's Life and her founding Of ACES.


Ms Jensen writes a Blue Print For Child Support Reform" as part of Welfare Reform. She testifies about the need for child support reform in the U.S. House of Representatives.


Ms Jensen calls investigation of State Child Support agencies who mishandled implementation of state computers, a U.S. GEneral Accounting Office investigation results.


Geraldine works with the U.S. Justice Department to write an update to the federal criminal non support laws. The Deadbeat Parents Punishment Act is enacted as result, making non-support in some cases a federal felony offense


Ms. Jensen oversee opening of office in Sacramento, Chicago and New York.


Ms. Jensen organizes lobby effort to assist children of federal employees receive medical support. Congress acts to make federal employees have to provide health insurance for their children if a medical support order provides for insurance coverage, this assists at least 200,000 children obtain health insurance


Ms. Jensen calls for an investigation of State government who have failed to distribute over $100 million in child support payments which have been collected. As a result the U.S. General Accounting Office undertakes an in depth investigation and files a report with congress.


Geraldine leads an investigation into Ohio's failure to properly distribute child support payments to the poorest families, those who had been on welfare. eh The investigation results in the State of Ohio refunding $15 million to families in need.


Ms. Jensen Retires from ACES after 20 years of service. She founds Families Online Magazine and the Non Profit Help Center


Families Online Magazinenamed Hotsite by USA and theNon Profit Help Center assists five new non profit organizations get started.

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