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Mall Play Areas Can Make Children Fat

Interactive DAD Magazine

Mall play areas can make your children fat. I know what you're thinking: How can these places of exercise possibly expand your youngsters waistline?

My wife and I have made quite an effort lately to make sure our kids exercise before getting treats. We explain to our 4-year-old daughter that activity is a must if she wants to eat junk food.

So, the other day we decided to make the mall play area the exercise she needed.

Now imagine my surprise when the things she was jumping on, crawling on and playing with were fake hot dogs, cheeseburgers, french fries and ice cream cones. All stuff that's bad for you.

What was worse: The play area was right near the food court.

It's no wonder why childhood obesity is reaching epidemic proportions. These mall play areas designed to get kids active are delivering messages that all that bad-for-you food is actually fun food.

Seems to me that the play things could be shaped like fruits and vegetables rather than junk.

That would keep things fun. And healthy.

Glenn Lawrence is editor of Interactive Dad Magazine, the #1 online parenting and finance magazine for fathers. Offering articles written for today's dad, and an Ask The Expert segment, the web site is free and updated daily. You can visit Interactive Dad at iDadOnline.com

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