National Child Passenger Safety Week, Sept. 14 – 20

Saturday, Sept. 20, has been designated as “National Seat Check Saturday”.

If you are like us, we have not progressed to two and sometimes three car seats in the back seat.  The rules for car seats, ages and weight for which kind of car seat are periodically  revised so stay informed and keep those little one safe.

Here are some tips for Car Seat Safety from the Pennsylvania State Patrol:

  • Read and follow the car seat and vehicle manufacturers’ instructions;
  • Use the car’s seat belt to anchor the seat to the car unless you are using a child safety seat with the LATCH system;
  • Fill out and return the registration card for your seat so you’ll know if it is recalled because of a problem;
  • Make sure the seat’s harness fits snugly; and
  • Use a tether strap if the seat requires it.
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The Perfect Grandparent’s Day Gift

Grandparents Day is September 8, 2013. Here is the perfect Grandparent’s Day Gift – A Video Call!

Keeping touch can be difficult if you live miles away from your family members. Many cell plans include unlimited log distance and some local phone companies offer these too. This has really helped families stay in touch. Now with video conference calls you can see the your parents, your kids , grandkids, brother, sister and friends……. long distance.

It is easy to do too, all you and whoever you are calling need is:

  • Computer with a microphone either built in or attached via a USB port
  • Internet connection
  • Webcam
  • Free Video Conferencing Service (Same one as you use)

I have found the on screen directions for using the free video conference services are fairly easy.

Here Are Some Free Video Conferencing Services

ooVoo allows free video conferencing with up to six users. It allows supports video mail. It runs its own P2P servers, and can therefore afford to offer good quality.

Skype is the most popular of VoIP voice and chat applications but still lagging behind in terms of video. Only one to one communication is allowed, unless with some third-party plugins. But Skype comes with all its momentum and popularity.

Yugma offers free teleconferencing with up to 10 participants. It is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux. The number of participants can be extended to 500, with some advanced features, if you pay for the premium product.

Vbuzzer offers free video conferencing on invitation, which can be done through their website, which also allows sending video mail.

Formerly known as GnomeMeeting, Ekiga is a Linux native application. It is open source and therefore free. It supports a lot of codecs and offers many features. It supports both SIP and H.323. Remote calls to mobile phones are also allowed.

Tokbox allows completely free video conferencing with up to six participants. You can talk using your browser, in which it can be embedded. No need to download a client.

Eyejot is nother free video conferencing application. It works embedded in a browser and does not require downloading and installing a client. The strong point of eyejot is its video mail feature.

SightSpeed is a free PC-based call and single party video conferencing tool. The paid service ($4.95/mo) service comes with video mail, multi party video and file sharing. It supports browser video communication for non-SightSpeed users.

iChat is for Mac users. It is the VoIP and video conferencing tool that comes with Leopard, the latest in the Mac OS X series. It is quite rich in features. You will need to have a .Mac or AOL account to make video calls.

Happy Grandparents Day!

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