The ICEcard Combines Peace of Mind and Social Responsibility
in One Handy Card: Families Prepare for Emergencies While
Supporting Worthy Causes
It’s not every day people have the opportunity to help themselves and
their favorite charities at the same time. From April 1
through June 30, 2009, however, The ICEcard
( is making it possible for anyone
to do just that.
A durable plastic card the size of a credit card, The In
Case of Emergency Card, or The ICEcard, lists a person’s
full name, age, address and phone number, emergency contact
information, any allergies or medical conditions the person
has, and medications he or she takes regularly.
The card costs less than $10.00 — a bargain for something
that can so easily save lives. And through June 30, The
ICEcard is donating $2.00 of every sale to the buyer’s
choice of four charitable organizations: the American
Diabetes Association, the Alzheimer’s Association, the
American Heart Association and the Fallen Firefighters
Relief Fund for the Orange County (California) Professional
Firefighters Association.
“No one plans to be the victim of a car accident, heart
attack, stroke, severe allergic reaction or other emergency,
but those unfortunate events happen every day,” stated Chris
Bennett, who developed The ICEcard shortly after being
diagnosed with Type I diabetes. “Communication with first
responders is crucial — but what if the victim is impaired
or unconscious? The ICEcard takes care of that problem and
ensures that proper medical care can be administered
promptly and emergency contacts can be notified.”
Bennett has personal reasons for choosing the four charities
that will benefit from The ICEcard’s sales over the next few
months. The American Diabetes Association is in the line-up
because of his own condition; the American Heart Association
was chosen in memory of Bennett’s father, who had a massive
heart attack at just 36 years of age and who, sadly, lost
his battle with coronary artery disease nine months ago. The
Alzheimer’s Association was chosen in memory of Bennett’s
grandfather, who had that debilitating disease for the last
eight years of his life.
Bennett added the Fallen Firefighters Relief Fund in appreciation of the men and
women who serve as first responders to many emergency
situations in Orange County, where Bennett lives.
Intended for use by adults and children alike, The ICEcard
is easy to read. The card’s red-and-white color scheme is
universally recognized as emergency colors. The ICEcard
features a tab that sticks up higher than other cards in the
owner’s wallet, making it easily identifiable by emergency
workers — and if the tab itself weren’t enough, the
caduceus, or medical insignia, on the tab adds extra
assurance the card will be recognized by first responders.
“At a time when charitable giving is understandably down,
The ICEcard presents a way for people to contribute
painlessly to organizations that do good work for people
nationwide,” Bennett stated. “We are proud to be able to
help individuals and charities through every sale of The
ICEcard through June 2009.”

Geraldine Jensen

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