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Toothbrush Bangle

With a scissors and tweezers and/or pliers, pick the bristles out of a new toothbrush. Bright colors and glitter flecked will be most effective. When done, plop the toothbrush in a pot of boiling water. The point of this is to soften the plastic, not melt it. Depending on the temperature, this should take five to ten minutes. When the time is up, pick the toothbrush up with tongs. It should be somewhat flimsy in appearance. Wearing oven mitts (the toothbrush will be very hot) bend the toothbrush into a bracelet shape. If you aren't sure on the size, eyeball a bracelet you know fits. Immediately immerse the bracelet into a bowl of ice (stick it in the freezer if it's an especially hot day!)

Knicknack Hair Accessory

Have a lot of knickknacks at home but for some reason just can't toss them? Use them to decorate your hair! This project is pretty self-explanatory but can be as time-consuming and as creative as you'd like. You'll need: Hard black plastic headband or flat hair clips, a superglue or a glue gun and assorted small trinkets (buttons, beads, bows made of ribbon, silk flowers rhinestones, plastic gems, etc.) Once everything is assembled, start crafting! Tip: invite a few friends and have them bring their own knickknacks and the junk pile will get much bigger.

Decoupage Handbag

Though this project looks really special once it's done, it's actually simple and kid-friendly. The size of this piece is completely up to you. A plastic lunchbox, a wooden suitcase or a metal tin will be the easiest, but a plastic or acrylic purse is fine too. Whatever you choose, make sure it's a hard, flat surface. With collage glue such as Modge Podge, coat all surfaces thinly. Make sure you don't accidentally glue the clasp shut, though! Now is the fun part: the decorating! Using your choice of newspaper clippings, magazine pages, tissue paper, postcards, stickers etc., collage all surfaces to your discretion. A layered effect looks great. Once you are satisfied, paint another layer of glue all over. Let dry until the surface is shiny and dry to the touch.

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I love them all.
I love all the stuffs above. But I love the last one the most. Why? Aside from being a unique item or fashion piece, it\'s a very earth friendly material as well.

I can make one like that from used materials I have at home. Thanks for sharing this one. An idea is running into my mind now.
#1 - Fashion - 08/25/2012 - 04:53
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