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Inspirational Poems for Graduates

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Emergence - I belive I can Fly - Desiderata and If (by Kipling)  - Hogh School and College

Poems to inspire and remember this graduation day.  Perfect for graduation celebrations and ceremonies for middle school, high school and college.

Stress Free Graduation Parties and More



The graduation season is soon approaching and many parents and loved ones are looking for ways to mark the momentous occasion. Finding a stress free solution to celebrate the event can be easy and affordable with the following graduation party ideas.

How to Throw a Winning Super Bowl Party

veg dip

Whether you're planning a fiesta for forty in your new entertainment room or an intimate gathering of bros in the basement, make sure your party receives more buzz than the most clever Super Bowl advertisements. From food to guest list to games, everything must come together for your party to be a hit. The Super Bowl is less than one month away, so now is the time to plan your menu and invite guests.

Party Snacks

Finger foods and apps work well for Super Bowl parties. Not only are they fun, they are often easy to make and they require little other than durable cookware and pot holders. Capture the spirit of the epic game with classic Super Bowl fan faves that are hearty, flavorful and quick. This buffalo chicken dip from Burp! Where Food Happens was a fan favorite in the food blog community, for the way it combined classic game-day flavors in a new and expected way. The dip contains hot sauce, chicken, cream cheese and cheddar and is served with celery sticks and crusty bread.


bacon monkey breadTrick your guests into thinking that you slaved over the oven with a pull-apart bacon monkey bread that uses pre-made biscuit dough as a little cheat. Stuffed with bacon, cheddar, sauteed peppers and onions, the monkey bread tastes rich and flavorful and is easy for a crowd to tear into. To make, cook the bacon, onions and peppers. Toss the filling and cheese with cut pieces of biscuit dough, then pack everything into a 10-inch bundt pan and bake.

Try lighter fare alongside these rich crowd-pleasers. Homemade popcorn is low in calories, crunchy and flavorful. Serve in parchment paper cones or portion into quart-sized mason jars so each guest can grab a jar and snack. As an extra touch, wrap the jars in scrapbook paper patterned with end zones.

For health-conscious guests, incorporate lighter dips that can be served with fresh veggies, crackers, baked tortilla chips or whole wheat bread. Store-bought hummus makes this a snap, but you can also experiment with homemade edamame or avocado hummus, white bean dip, jalapeno popper dip or a skinny hot spinach dip.

Have a couple of game-day sweets around, such as football-shaped whoopie pies or cupcakes decorated as footballs. Don't forget the brews, a Super Bowl essential. Stock your coolers with ice and pop some cold ones in there to greet guests upon arrival. Print football-shaped drink tags so guests can find their brew on a crowded table.

popcornParty Games

Games give guests that don't know each other a way to mingle and buy you some time to bring out food, clean as you go and greet newcomers. Plus, everyone's competitive spirit is riding high on Super Bowl Sunday. If the weather's warm, consider hosting a pre-party pickup game for all ages. This gives kids an outlet for excess energy that can keep them from getting rowdy as the game goes on, and allows everyone to burn off some calories before eating. Create a sheet of predictions --who will be the MVP, who will score the most points -- and have all guests fill it out. Whoever gets the most trivia right wins a prize.

Decorate your home with streamers, balloons or tissue paper pom poms in team colors to get ready for the big day. Have plenty of trivets and pot holders on hand to hold warm dishes. By creating a warm atmosphere, using games to encourage mingling and serving fun and flavorful food, you've addressed all the essentials of a wonderful party.


5 Ideas for Throwing the Perfect Fall Birthday Bash For Your Kids

It's the start of the football season, it's harvest time, and Halloween is afoot. But all those seasonal celebrations pale in comparison to your little one's birthday. This time of year offers plenty of party inspiration for fall babies.

1. Encourage Kids to Come in Costume

kids in halloween costumes

Image via Flickr by Steven Depolo

All kids love Halloween, but they also hate how quickly it's over. You can make the fun last a little longer with a costume party. Other parents will love the opportunity to recycle this year's Halloween outfit, while the kids will enjoy showing off their costumes to their friends. Continue the Halloween theme by reusing your holiday decorations and laying out some spooky snacks. The kids could also tell ghost stories and bob for apples to get into the holiday spirit.

2. Make a Smoothie Station

A smoothie station is a delicious and healthy way to celebrate the season's fresh produce at your fall birthday party. Make sure yours is fully stocked with an array of fresh fruit. New season apples, cranberries, grapes, and pears all work wonderfully in smoothies. Let the kids choose their favorite flavors, and keep some yogurt and honey on hand to finish their creations. Scotsman ice machines which flake ice, rather than simply cubing it, will give your smoothies that professional juice bar taste.

3. Play Roll the Gourd

This fall-inspired game of bowling is much trickier than it sounds. Line up some used soda bottles as pins. Adding a little water to the base will stop them blowing away on a windy day. Then the kids will take turns trying to knock the pins down with a rolling gourd. They'll all be in stitches watching the unevenly shaped gourds rolling every way but the right direction!

4. Break Out Some Scarecrow Cookies

Scarecrow cookies are perfect for any fall birthday with a harvest or Halloween theme. And you won't believe how simple they are to make! First cover the top of your kid's favorite cookie with some simple white frosting. This will become your scarecrow's face.

Then halve a sugar wafter, and stick it to the top of the cookie with a dollop of frosting to form the top of a hat. Place a whole sugar wafter just underneath this to form the hat's brim. You can decorate your hat with slices of candy corn, mini chocolate chips, or other candies. Some more frosting will help these adornments stick.

Then make your scarecrow's face with mini choc chip eyes, a candy corn nose, and a chocolate sprinkle mouth. Pieces of bran cereal make realistic looking straw hair.  

5. Set Up a Camp Site

Older kids can take advantage of fall's temperate weather conditions with a campfire-themed birthday. They'll love the little bit of independence they feel as they camp out with close friends under the stars.

Make sure you tell your guests to bring a sleeping bag and pillow, and source some extra tents from friends. Popcorn and trail mix will fend off hunger pangs until you cook up some hot dogs for dinner. And no camping trip would be complete without roasting s'mores and drinking hot chocolate around the fire.

No matter what your child's tastes, fall offers tons of inspiration for a memorable birthday bash.