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Make a Menorah - Hanukkah Craft

8 Small jars and one slightly larger jar
9 Blue tapered candles
Silver paint pen
Blue paint pen
Glass flat marbles or small beads (blue and white or clear)

Wash and dry the 9 jars.

Gather the 9 tapered candles and make a small mark on each one roughly at the center point. All the marks need to be in the same place on the candles.

Using the silver pen, draw a Star of David on each candle. Set aside and let dry.

Using a scrap piece of paper, draw a Star id David that is large enough to be drawn onto the jars.

Cut the piece of paper so that you can hold it on the inside of the jar and trace it onto the outside of the jar with the blue pen. Let it dry.

Once the paint has dried. Place a candle in a jar and put the flat marbles around it to stablize and center the candle.

Repeat with the other seven small jars.

Fill the larger jar about half way with flat marbles and then place the candle in and add some more marbles until it is centered and stablized.

Place on window sill or table.

Happy Chanukkah !

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