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Teacher Tools for Communicating with Parents


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Teacher Tools for Communicating with Parents

New Skills Strategies, Newsletters and Home Communication Tools for Teachers
(grades 2-8)

HomeLinks: New Skills Strategies Newsletters and Home Communication Tools for Teachers

Homelinks includes teacher designed tools to help you communicate effectively with students’ families and support children’s learning at home.

Every teacher understands the growing number of skills that children are expected to master during their school years. There simply does not seem to be enough time in the day to get everything done!

However, by inviting parents (see parent information sheet) into the educational process as partners, teachers can extend their students’ learning time well beyond the time within the classroom. When parents are empowered to assist their children, they will often use the time they have with their children to reinforce the skills that you, the teacher, need most.

Reaching out to parents is a year-long process that begins on the first day of school. Right from the beginning, it is important to let your students’ families know that you are there to help, guide, and support not only their children, but their families as well. By opening lines of communication early, parents will be more receptive to your ideas, more willing to work with you, and more likely to support you in the classroom every day. Better communication leads to better understanding and greater achievement for students.

HomeLinks skill sheets enable you to guide parents and give them some “tricks of the trade” that will help them do more with their students at home. By emphasizing learning strategies that rely on low- or no-cost items, each of these skills can be practiced in any home, from any school district. From learning math facts to managing time, HomeLinks teach valuable skills to parents who have the desire to help, but just don’t understand how.

Invite parents into your learning circle. You’ll see the difference!

Teacher designed tools to help you communicate effectively with students' families and support children learning at home.

Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery, Questions?

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