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Happy Thanksgiving! We hope you enjoy our Thanksgiving poems, songs, books and crafts.

Holiday Issue 2005 Christmas Hanukkah and Kwanzaa

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Families Online Magazine November 2005

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Thanksgiving crafts poems books
Happy Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving poem crafts
Give Thanks - Give Back!
by Jillian Bietz

Thanksgiving Poems and Thanksgiving Prayer
by Jamie Edson Opielski

Are you raising a grateful child?The answer to this question is actually quite simple: does your child know....Christian Parenting

Traditionally, Thanksgiving is a time for family gatherings and reflecting on our many blessings,but now..More Thanksgiving books

Family Thanksgiving Activities
by Anna Stewart

Thanksgiving Crafts

Special Thanks this Thanksgiving
by Chick Moorman and Thomas Haller

christmas hanaukka kwanzaa gifts
Holiday Gifts
christmas hanaukka kwanzaagifts

christmas gifts

parenting advice

parentingDads Are To Blame; Moms Are Enablers
from Dad Sense
by Glenn Lawrence
Just the other day I picked up a parenting magazine to read. In it was a story about a wife complaining that her young kids throw fits if she leaves them with her husband.More Dad Sense

mom parenting

How many hats do you wear? Besides Mom, wife, referee, family administrator, chauffeur, gourmet chef, housekeeper, handyman some of you are adding..Parenting: Juggling Our Many Hats

At Halloween time it behooves the Christian parent to be able to deal with the influence of witchcraft. More about Paganism

6 Tips for Asset Focused Parenting
by Dawna Markova
The "Asset-Focused" parenting revolution is on the rise to help us remember to focus on what works. We can truly help our children succeed. More Asset Focused Parenting

Manners Matter: Putting a Halt to Interruptions
by Anne Leedom
Manners are literally at the heart of whether or not a child makes a good decision or a bad one when it comes to how they will choose to behave.More on Manners

Kid Fun
kid fun freeg ames cheats school students
school students

Keeping High-Tech Out of the Classroom?
A Note from the Teacher by Jennifer Cummings, M.Ed.
There have been a great number of technological advances that make our lives easier every day: computers, calculators, digital recorders, CD players, and all of the other gadgets that have become so commonplace.

teacher tips for parentsTeacher Tips for Parents, Help Your Child Succeed in School.

weight loss

Shall We Blame Too Much Food Or Too Little Leptins?
by Doctor Ackerman
Researchers are beginning to unravel the mysteries behind why so many overweight individuals claim "I can starve myself for weeks, but I just keep gaining weight."More Weight Loss

menopause nutrition

Women experience several different hormonal phases throughout their lives that significantly affect their bodies. Menopause Nutrition
Also see Prevent Premature Aging

brain food

by Daniel G. Amen, M.D. Use food as brain medicine, start by increasing water intake. Given that your brain is about 80% water...More Brain Food

Arthritis Pain Relief and Prevention The nutritional science of glucosamine and how it works to reduce arthritis pain. Arthritis Pain Relief  High Fiber Diet  Manganese

Sleep and Insomnia
Fifty useful tips for better sleep. Sleep and Insomnia

Family Life
family life
Hockey Season 2005-06
by Kelly Croslis
Hockey returned to the ice last month. Fans packed the ice rinks as if they had never been gone. Hockey Season

It's Tough Being a Woman
by Kellie Strausser
I swear; being a woman is hard work. There are so many expectations. It's Tough Being a Woman

Identity Theft Risks and Insurance
by George Schmidt

Computers- Tech
/>Ask the Computer Geek
This Month the Computer Geek answers to questions about Wireless Routers, Burning CD ROMS and NTLDR Errors. Ask the Computer Geek

T1 and VPN the Basics

Family Celebrations
baby shower wedding shower games

baby birth announcement websiteBaby Birth Announcement Websites. Share photos, birth weight and height, gift register and more as they grow.

Wedding dresses, wedding favors, wedding vows, and wedding toasts.

bridal and baby shower

November 2005

What's for Dinner?
by Chef Kellie Strausser
Mom's Homemade Bread Stuffing and Baked Corn Pudding
It is November again, Thanksgiving time. More recipes

Toddler Treat: Blueberries N' Banana Cream

Turkey Leftovers Recipes


Parenting Humor
parenting humor

parenting humorParenting Humor: When Multi-Tasking Goes Bad

by Alana Morales

Family Advocates

Today's Family Leadership Council. Involved parents needed. Join others with modern family values. Discuss Family Issues at Today's Family Forum

couples love poems

Love Poems
Fun Dates
Internet Dating -- Online Dating Tips
Dating Safety, Getting Over First Date Jitters, "Getting to Know You Email's" and Dating Tips.



Rules for Law Reform and Social Change

Community Resources and Non-profit Organizations

Free Non-profit Organization Websites
Get Listed. Please a send short paragraph about your non-profit organization. Please include name, address, website (if applicable), and email address.

family fun
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