50 Kid Fun Things To Do On A Rainy Day

mom and sons playing gamesKid indoor fun things to do on a rainy day at home  -  See how many you can do before the sun comes out again!


1.  Find the thimble (Hide the button) -  take turns hiding and finding the thimble or button - 

2. Kitchen Band - use only pots and pans to make music -

3.  Arts and Crafts  -  Kids Craft Club - 

4. Make popcorn and watch a movie - 

5. Make an indoor fort using a blanket and a table or chair -

6. Memory Game- put ten toys in a pillow case and see who can remember what's inside -

7. See who can hop on one foot the longest

8. Musical chairs

9. Coloring

10. Build a huge castle out of blocks

11.  Clean your room or pick up all they toys

12.  Walk with a book on your head for 10 ft.

13.  Take the Math Quiz

14.  Have a tea party

15.  Guess what's in the bag - put object in a brown paper bag and take turns guessing the contents

16.   Read a book to your brother, sister, mother, dad, sitter....

17.  Make a racetrack with obstacles and drive your toy cars through it

18.  Have an indoor picnic

19. Draw food items on paper plates and color them

20.  Play a board game

21.  Run in place for 5 minutes

22.  Do 20 or more jumping jacks

23.  Touch you toes 25 times

24. Read a book

25.  Make homemade playdough (clay) and build something

26.  Make a glitter picture

27. Make paper dolls

28. Make cookies or cupcakes (get a adult to help)

29. Make a rain gauge

30.  Tell jokes

31.  Play kid safe online games

32.  Have a Congo line

33. Dance

34. Make forts or houses for your play solders or stuffed animals out of pillows and blankets

35.  Be a super hero, put on a cape made from a towel or blanket

36.  Sing- a-long to a CD, ipod  or the radio

37. Sing Row Row Row Your Boat,  and Are you Sleeping Brother John 5 items each

38. Draw a picture

39.  Pretend  you are an animal, make noise and walk like an animal, try being a monkey, elephant, horse, duck and ?

40. Find 10 things in your house that start with the letter  "P"

41. Play penny hockey on a table

42.  Build a house out of cards

43.  Play Mother May I?

44. Play Simon Says

45. Put of a play about your favorite movie

46.  Make a paper chain

47.   Make paper airplanes

48.   Play geology games

49.  Play dress up

50.   Put together a puzzle


So until Rain, Rain Goes Away -- Have fun indoor play!


0 #4 Erin Fraters 2013-05-25 10:21
Ok not that great but i liked the fort ideas!!! :eek: :roll: :lol: :D
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+3 #3 Peanutchica 2013-02-23 13:14
This website is very helpful, I am very happy and plan to do almost all of those things mentioned. :D
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+1 #2 guestuser 2012-06-07 10:56

all these ideas are very good but you could add face paint

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0 #1 guestuser 2011-10-26 09:23
this is boring :-)
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