Beyond Sugar Shock

beyond sugar shockBeyond Sugar Shock is the sequel to Sugar Shock! Both by Connie Bennett, CHHC, CPC, ACC. This six week plan to help you break free of your sugar addiction, and get slimmer, sexier and sweeter is well written and full of adventurcises and playcises to help you get in touch with your sugar addiction and end it.

There is a quiz to help you find out if you are addicted to sugar and/or carbs and how to break the cycle. Methods offered include "cold turkey" easing your self off sugar and only sometimes indulging.

Easy to follow and understand steps to a healthier you. Learn how to love your body and yourself and live in a way that supports it. Affirmations and meditations outlined in the book will help you obtain your weight loss goals. Learn smarter habits that support a healthy weight and keep you off sugar.

Meal plans included in the book are very well thought out and recipes are yummy. So there is no good excuse not to break you sugar habit and get healthy.

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