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10 Tips for Stress-less Parenting

> by Brenda Nixon

Stress is anything we perceive as out of our control. I adopted this definition because it explains why we each stress over different issues: finances, traffic, health, work, weight, interruptions, family and friends.

However, in raising kids, we all feel out of control at times. Comedian Martin Mull quipped, Parenting is like having a bowling alley in your head. Sometimes were frazzled when we dont understand our kids behavior or whats normal. Often its because we second guess our own childrearing skills.

As an educator, working with thousands of young parents, and as a mom, I realize the stress, guilt, frustration and panic in raising kids today. But knowledge is power and the more we know, the more were able to respond as confident, competent parents.

To empower new parents with education and encouragement, I wrote Parenting Power in the Early Years (WinePress Publishing). From Great Expectations to toilet teaching to knowing if your child is ready for kindergarten, there are insights, answers and guidance.

To begin with, theres no one right way to parent and every kid is different. You're probably doing better than you think. But, when you're feeling vexed, take heart and remember:

All kids can and do misbehave.

There are no perfect kids.

There are no perfect parents.

Physical affection is therapeutic; give and receive hugs.

See humor (somewhere) in the situation.

Take a break; exercise, listen to soothing music, read a chapter in a book, or enjoy a cup of coffee.

Talk to other adults to ease your frustration.

Wisdom is knowing what to overlook.

Practice self-care; eat right and sleep when your kids do.

Get your parenting power before your kids are in elementary school or older.

Albert Einstein said,"Sometimes what counts can't be counted, and what can be counted doesn't count." This applies to raising kids. As indicated in Parenting Power in the Early Years, real parenting power comes when you relax and enjoy your kids the spontaneous free time with them counts! Its giving children what they really need. Parenting is your brief opportunity to learn, laugh, love, and grow. And dont fret over all the right clothes, toys, schools, or fads they dont count in the long haul.

Copyright, 2010, Brenda Nixon.


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"In her book, PARENTING POWER IN THE EARLY YEARS, Brenda Nixon offers refreshing encouragement you need to stay sane those first five years. As a national parenting speaker and columnist, she knows what the critical issues are in raising your child. She's condensed her most sought-after columns into one practical book that would make a great addition to any parent's bookshelf," says Heather Ivester, a mom and book reviewer.

parenting  bookExpectant and new parents, family educators, preschool teachers, childcare providers, and even grandparents find Nixons book a valuable resource in understanding child behavior and guidance. Grandparents especially like the list of age-appropriate gift ideas included in the reference section.

PARENTING POWER IN THE EARLY YEARS was featured on several blogs including the new PioneerParenting, and Nixon was interviewed on Childhood Temperaments with FOCUS ON THE FAMILY's Weekend Magazine syndicated radio program.

Nixon, a contributing author to 20 books including the best-selling Chicken Soup series, offers surprising humor, affirmation, motivation, and common sense advice much like a friendly neighbor.

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