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Crafts Kids Soapy Snowman

Soapy Snowman

This snowman is a blast to create using easily found household objects.

You will need:

1 2 cups Ivory Snow Ultra powderedlaundry soap

2 Electric mixer

3 1/2 cup water

4 Toothpicks

5 Carrot, tiny piece

6 Black paint

7 cardboard egg carton

8 Twigs

9 Cloves

10 Buttons

11 Scrap of fabric or felt

12 Black beads or tiny pebbles


1. Cut one section of cardboard egg carton to be used for the hat.

2. Paint hat black. Let dry. Set side.

3. Mix soap and water together in a large bowl.

4. Beat with an electric mixer until thick and doughy.

5. Shape the soap into two balls, one larger than the other for the body.

6. Push a toothpick half way down through the middle of the larger ball.

7. Stack the smaller ball on top pushing together until the small ball sits nicely on top.

8. Place hat on top of head.

9. Add twig arms, cloves for eyes, buttons and a felt or fabric scarf. With beads or tinypebbles, press into the snow to form a mouth. For a carrot nose, insert a piece of anactual carrot or orange play dough in the shape of a carrot.

10. Once the soap dries, it will turn bright snowy white.


2 cups Ivory Snow Ultra powdered laundry detergent

1/2 cup water


Twigs, cloves, buttons, felt, seed beads, tempera paints, eggcarton and pipe cleaner

How To Make It

11. Mix up a batch of fake snow by pouring the Ivory Snowinto a bowl, add the water and beat with an electric mixer untildoughy.

12. Shape the damp soap into three balls that will make thesnowmans body. Stack them by gently pushing a toothpickhalfway into the center of the bottom ball. Then, push themiddle ball down onto the toothpick until the two balls touch.Do the same for the snowman's head.

13. Now, add twig arms, clove eyes, shirt buttons and a feltscarf. To make a smiling mouth, press on a row of seed beads.For a mini carrot nose, color the tip of a short twig with orangepaint. Top off the snowman with an egg-cup hat or a set ofpipe-cleaner earmuffs.

Note: As the soap dries, it will lose its grayish tinge and turn brightwhite.

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