speakaboos kids reading AppReview by Greta Jenkins

The Speakaboos App inspires kids to read. Kids can choose to read the stories themselves or be read to by the App. They make choices throughout the story about what happens next to keep them engaged.

The Speakaboos App was developed by Dr. Alice Wilder (Blue’s Clues and SuperWHY!  and NickJr.com).  The App includes 200 interactive stories about dinosaurs, princesses, animals, space, robots, and music.  It features Thomas & Friends™, Sid the Science KidSesame Street sing-along stories, classic stories such as Rapunzel and The Three Little Pigs, and many new Speakaboos characters. Speakaboos is designed for kids age 2 -6, plus it is beneficial for older children who are problem readers.

Kid Tested – Mom and Teacher Approved

Moms say, ” What could be better than kids learning to read  while having fun using a mobile phone or tablet, so much better than most games!”

Kids say, “I like it when I get to pick what Sid the Science Kid does in the story”.

Teachers say, “Speakaboos can help kids learn to read and help problem readers”

How Speakaboos can Help Problem Readers:

Children who are dyslexic and those who are problem readers usually suffer from one these three problems:

  1. Auditory discrimination problems. This is often caused by having chronic ear infections when they were young. Others may be born with this learning disability. Helping them involves educational exercises to train the brain to discriminate between  sounds used in speaking and reading. Speakaboos feature to read the story so the child hears it while highlighting the words provides this type of training
  2. Visual perception problems.  These children  reverse letters or words. They have difficulty matching the word image on the page with a stored image in their brain.  Speakaboos word highlighting helps train the brain to “see” more accurately  plus hearing the word helps them learn phonics.
  3. Language development problems can cause poor reading and listening comprehension, and  make it difficult to express yourself verbally and in writing. Speakaboo’s word highlighting while having the story read to the child can help with this problem.

Learn More, Watch This Speakaboos Video:


Get a free trial before becoming a monthly or annual member. The Speakaboos App featuring the entire library for mobile devices can be downloaded for iOS through the App Store or for Android through Google Play.


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