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Kelly S. Croslis is a Freelance Writer and stay-at-home mom to 3 active teenage girls. She uses much of what she learned and experienced in her 20 years of military life and raising her girls. Kelly is a columnist for several Online magazines and Freelances for her local newspaper. She lives with her husband and 3 girls in Pennsylvania.


Sports Teams Memorabilia and Gear
By Kelly S. Croslis

In recent years sports advertising has become big business. Whatever you are looking for is available in your favorite team colors or includes their mascot.

Start with you favorite room or den. Many home improvement stores now carry paints specifically tinted according to sports team's colors. A fan of the Chicago Bears, for example, might decide to paint the room blue with an orange stripe circling the room. For an added touch, there are wall decals, borders and pictures with team mascots, sports equipment and players themselves. Should your favorite team win a championship there will no end to the number memorabilia that is available to decorate the room.

Furnishing a room is just as simple. Recliners, table and lamps can get you started, add an inflatable or bean bag chairs and a video game rocker and you are set for playing the latest video games in the off season. For an added touch, blankets, throws and pillows, curtains and even dinner ware are available to bring the room together.

Should snacks be on the menu, bowls, cups and coolers are a perfect match. What could be better than serving chips and dip out of a football helmet, getting drinks from a team cooler, and serving it all on plates and in cups decorated with a team emblem?

If you think the den is the only place to get into the sports spirit, the bathroom is not to be outdone. Go into many stores and now you will find shower curtains and hooks, towels, wash rags, cups and rugs all with the team emblem. For added coordination, many will also include bedding, fans and night lights. The possibilities are almost endless.

Many fans enjoy picnics in the back yard, or for diehard fans a day of tailgating before and after the game. For these fans picnic table umbrellas, outdoor dugs, chairs and grill covers are some of the more popular pieces. As with snacks in the house, the same items can be used outside.

The list goes on and on, car mats, holiday décor, clothes and bags; the choices seem to be endless and feed our never ending need to show the world who we root for, who we think is the best team on whatever field, track or court they compete on.

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