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Spring Morning

The long uncut grass, swayed to
the whispers of the wind.
The orange sun cast a yellow glow
upon it's spears.
Tiny beads of dew slowly
rolled down each unkept blade,
as grasshoppers playfully jumped
in and out of the green maze.
The morning sun rose to its peak,
and the geese took shade from
the tall oak trees.
The butterflies danced through out
the air, a peaceful spring morning
with not a care...

2003 Jamie Edson Opielski

Walk Towards The Sun

Walk towards the sun
close your eyes,
feel the rays caress your face
as it wraps it's arms around you.
Let yourself go in its warm embrace
fall back, feel your body go limp.
Let your mind wonder to the most
unimaginable depths of your being.
Hear the waves as they roll onto
the sands of your imagination,
leaving you cool as the wind
rushes through out your soul.
Open your eyes, watch the sun
slowly sink into the earth, and
feel your day's stress drift away...

2003 Jamie Edson Opielski

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