valentine's day calendar
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By Amy Sawyer –

Valentines Day can be a confusing business if you’re not particularly used to it. Should women send cards?

Do you have to buy roses? Is it enough to simply give a gift or do you need to arrange some kind of event as well? There are lots of questions that relate to Valentines Day etiquette and although it’s a pretty subjective business, there are a few general pointers for the different relationship stages.

New relationships. Here you need to strike the balance between making an impression and not overpowering your new date. Try and gauge whether the person you’re with will be flattered by being showered with gifts, or whether it is likely to make them run in the other direction. A Vantine’s Card ( funny or romantic), going out to dinner ( doesn’t need to be a romantic setting) and a movie or sporting event is nice and not too much. Also see these Date Ideas.

Long term relationships. You might have gotten to the stage where you feel like Valentines Day is all a bit of a forced waste of time by now, but it’s actually a great way to add a bit of romance into a situation where you may have become a bit careless with each other. You don’t have to book in for a meal out like everyone else try getting creative instead. If you don’t have much cash then create a restaurant at home with candles and a special dinner or just buy a single bottle of champagne to be enjoyed with a private moment! If you have cash to spare then consider a mini break being swept off to Paris, whether you’re a man or a woman, is a quite irresistible treat.

Newly married. If you’ve only just tied the knot then Valentines Day is the perfect time to revisit your recent nuptials. Recreate the meal you had on your wedding day, go back to the venue where you had your reception (if a hotel or restaurant), or enjoy a glass of champagne with a piece of left over wedding cake! Alternatively, if you have the funds, head back to your honeymoon destination and keep the spirit of your wedding night alive that much longer.

Married for some time. If you’ve been married for some time particularly if you now have a family it’s unlikely that a romantic Valentines Day is something that you have on your agenda. However, it’s worth making time for this once a year occasion and putting some thought into it don’t fall into the trap of just picking up a gas station bunch of carnations! Getting time alone or having a change of environment is key here ask someone to look after the children, hire a babysitter and book a restaurant, a night at a boutique hotel, a table at a wonderful cocktail bar, or a trip away to somewhere you used to go when you were first together. The more romantic you can be the better don’t let that flame die!

These are some of the general rules for couples at different stages on Valentines Day. However, it’s a very personal occasion and only you will really know how best to celebrate it in the great tradition of soppy romantic sayings, just follow your heart,'s Dayetiquette,romanance,rules,valentineBy Amy Sawyer -Valentines Day can be a confusing business if you're not particularly used to it. Should women send cards?Do you have to buy roses? Is it enough to simply give a gift or do you need to arrange some kind of event as well? There are lots...Parenting Advice and Family Fun Activities