Best Exercises to Lose Weight in 20 Minutes a Day

exercise at home freeFrom time to time do you get jaded by your aerobic routine, or maybe you get the feeling that your aerobic routine is not producing the end result you're looking for? Then maybe you're not incorporating a diverse aerobic fitness program. Such as an aerobic fitness program which consists of two or more types of aerobatic routines in one exercise setting, like walking or jogging for 20 minutes and then 20 minutes of biking and ending with 20 minutes of rowing exercise to total a full one hour work out. This will give you a variety of aerobic routines and be much less mundane.

You have to get away from the idea that you need to be in Olympic training shape in order to do an assortment of exercise routines or to do them for a complete hour. It may be easier to start off by cutting the time down to 20 minutes of two types of exercise routines like walking for 10 minutes and 10 minutes of to an exercise video, then progress to more time and routines as you become acclimated. Studies show that taking a break every 20 minutes has a positive impact on results.

Try a few of these exercises in combination of one another to create a simple training routine with small gaps in time between them:

There are several benefits to aerobic fitness programs such as reducing the boredom caused by the same routine. Incorporate a variety of routines for the same period of time. You will have a better chance at accomplishing this long term you will be more likely to have a longer more frequent exercise session.

Repetitive exercise routines increases your chances of over working and straining muscles, however adding different routines lessen the possibility and your more than likely to reduce muscle injury. More importantly you're able to tone different muscles and different angles of the same muscle simultaneously, for example walking and rowing will tone both the upper and the lower body. While walking and biking tone the same muscles however at different points of that specific muscle. Plus combinations of aerobic routines increase your energy level, and help to boost your stamina.

Muscle and stamina conditioning depends upon specific aerobic routines for that specific muscle and energy level that is required to accomplish visible results. Much like when you walk briskly a few miles daily but still get winded from walking up a few flights of stairs, this is because your body is trained for one type of activity and not the other, which may require different movements of another source of the same muscles. For a more effective and efficient work out program try developing a rounded aerobic fitness routine.