Speed Reading For a Busy World

By Jay C. Polmar, Ph.D., with E.L. Kretschmar

The unique Fast Forward Speed Reading Program will turn you into a speed reader in 28 minutes. There are fast forward reading programs that makes you a speed reader in one hour.

In one of the best speed reading programs, 28 MINUTES TO FASTER READING, you can double or even triple your reading speed in 28 minutes. This Reading Program will enable you to learn four major techniques and use reading acceleration practice exercises. At the end of your reading you will be a practiced speed reader.

Dr. Jay Polmar, instructor to thousands of students, brings to you his amazing technique-oriented speed reading plan which he taught at colleges, universities and corporations. The fast forward speed reading programs are easy enough for a fifth grader and powerful enough for a corporate executive.

There are four quick ways to read faster and get more out of it. The fast forward speed reading programs are also available Online in Spanish, French and Dutch and includes speed reading tool.

Bi-lingual versions are also available.

If you can read this, you can read faster. If you can read faster you can spend less time studying, read 3 or 4 magazines instead of 1 or 2, breeze through manuals and technical documents, and increase your knowledge.

You Can Double Your Reading Speed in One Hour or Less!