Halloween is a holiday loved by children and families everywhere. It’s a great time to get creative and make fun decorations with your family and brainstorm the endless possibilities of what everyone wants to dress up as.

If you are like many who love to DIY, then this Halloween is the perfect opportunity to bring out all of your crafting materials and creative ideas. What could be more fun than making your child’s Halloween costume? And you’ll even save money on top of it all! Read this article to discover five easy to make Halloween costumes that you can choose from for your own little ones

1. Woolly Lamb: This costume works well for children of any age. All you need is a black sweater, black leggings, an old hooded sweatshirt, glue and white cotton balls or pom poms that you can find at any craft store. The black leggings and sweater will be what your child wears under the main part of the costume to act as the black legs of the woolly lamb. Using the old hooded sweater simply cut off the sleeves and set them aside. Cover the rest of the hooded sweater in white cotton balls or pom poms using craft glue or a hot glue gun. Make sure you cover the whole thing, including the hood so that no color is seen underneath the white balls. Next, cut two long triangles from the sleeves you cut off earlier and cover those in white cotton balls too. Attach the triangles to the hood of the costume. Once your child is wearing they’re black sweater and leggings, slide the hooded, sleeveless sweater over top and put up the hood. Voila! A woolly lamb is born and the great thing 

is they’ll keep warm in this costume as well.

lamb costume

2. Baby Sushi Roll: This one is great for all the new mom’s out there who are celebrating their baby’s first Halloween! It all starts with a simple white sleeper. On top of a white sleeper all you will need is colored felt, a pair of scissors and a hot glue gun. Start by tracing out some sushi shapes onto your felt. You can choose whatever you like best decorative green grass, orange salmon, black seaweed are just a few ideas. Once you have chosen your sushi shapes, simply cut them out with a pair of scissors. Using hot glue, attach your sushi shapes to the white sleeper. For presentation, it helps if you think of the white sleeper as a rice bed. Glue your green grass to the side of the sleeper and your salmon and seaweed to the front. Some felts also are available in a self-adhesive form if you don’t feel like using a hot glue gun. Once everything is safe and dry, go ahead and try it on your baby. I guarantee you’ll just want to eat them all up!

sushi costume

3. Candy Corn: The candy corn costume is another great idea for kids of all ages. The only difference is the amount of material you will need depending on the age of your child. The older they are, the more fabric you will need. All you will need is white, yellow and orange felt (or another simple, inexpensive material) in larger sheets, a needle and thread, scissors, a white sweater and a pair of leggings (if you can find orange leggings, that’s even better!). This costume is in three parts, the third part being optional: the body, the hat and the optional trick or treat bag. Simply cut three large pieces of felt, one from each color. Make sure they are long enough to wrap loosely around your child’s body. For thickness, all three pieces together should equal the same length as your child’s torso, or slightly longer. Sew the three pieces together, starting with orange on the bottom, then yellow and then white. Attach the ends of the material together and make a seam at the sides and sew the top closed as well, being sure to leave the bottom open. You should now have what looks like a pillow case in the colors of candy corn. Be sure to cut a hole in the top for the head and one on either side for the arms. With your extra fabric, sew together a small pointed hat in the same color pattern. This will act as the top of the candy corn. Get your child dressed in their white sweater and leggings, and slide the candy corn costume over top, topping it off with the hat. Now they are ready to trick or treat!

candy corn costume

4. Baby Octopus: Another great costume idea for those with young infants is the baby octopus. Choose any color you like. Dark colors like purple work really well for this one. Dress your baby in the color of choice in leggings and shirt, including socks. Taking 6 tube socks in different shades of the same color, stuff them with newspaper, tissue or even cotton, and sew the tops closed. You should now have 6 long tubes resembling legs or arms. Before you put your leggings on your baby, sew each of these octopus arms to the waist of the leggings. Once you put the leggings on, your baby will magically transform into a creature of the sea! Top it all off with a beanie in a matching color, and you’re ready to go!


5. Scaly Monster: Last but not least is the scaly monster costume. Find a sweat suit in a color of your choice for your child. Be sure that the sweater has a hood. The other materials you will need are craft foam in multiple colors (including white), scissors, and a hot glue gun. This particular costume is very easy and if they are old enough, your child can help make it as well just make sure that Mom is the only one using the hot glue gun. Simply cut various sized circles out of the craft foam, and be sure to cut a lot of them! Once you think you have plenty of large, medium and small circles, start gluing them together in batches of two or three, starting with a larger circle on the bottom, working up to a small circle on top. Glue these circles all over the front of the hooded sweater. Using white craft foam, cut out a row of sharp monster teeth which will then be glued around the rim of the hood. Cut out some eyes and ears too which you can glue to the top of the hood. Once dry, let your child put on the monster suit, making sure to wear the hood up. Now they are ready to scare all the trick or treaters in their scaly monster suit!

monster costume

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