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Parenting is the most loving and most demanding job of our lives. With the time as our little one who holds our fingers to walk, after the eight birth day is ready to run and explore a new world of himself with his own mind and spirits, which as a parent is a test for both our patience and stamina.

Parents out of Power

As all good things comes to an end, the kid after eight knows all about disobedience, but they still see our proclamations as one and the only truth, by the time the child is eight .all our words and actions comes in to questions. This shift of power takes many parents by surprise.

The Influence of Others

The children under eight spend most of time either at home or with the influence of their parents, but after this time of age one may see them at the pits stops, as they free up ready to hit the circuit. Parent at this time of age loose their monopoly position as other people in their lives start exert their influence. The kinds are now affected by the attitudes of the heard. They watch the so called IN programs, wear the right sort of clothes and even start to buy certain brands.

A Long Term View of Life

As the child reaches the age of eight, the silly worries of the younger child has disappeared, they are replaced by the usual insecurities, fears, and paranoia that troubles most. They look in to the distance and can see the permanent nature of events.

Competes and Compares

A kid by the time reaches eight is very well aware of his own beings and surroundings; they start to worry at the same time how others see them. They develop awareness in looks, learning abilities, strength, and social acceptance, into the world around. They do start to feel inadequate when they don’t make the grades and it is a very big responsibility as a parent to grow them in a healthy positive environment.

A Loss of Innocence

The once uncomplicated mind of a child actually matures up to more adult plane with the age of eight years, the age of innocence grows up, and the child become aware of the world around and see the world with much mature eye..Talks of ghosts, monsters, etc moved out along with the magic out of their lives. They become much aware and practical.

The School-age Smart Arse

One as a parent has to Beware!! The child as this age can verbally out point. At this stage the parent should be understanding and sensible enough to avoid arguments, as grown ups will rarely win.

School Learning and Language

After the age of eight, we need to very well understand and clear that there is a big difference between the mothering and spoon feeding of the infant classes. From this stage of eight years the successful student will need to self motivate, organize and keep on task. Learning takes a giant leap forward during the years between eight and twelve. The school becomes very important to know them, and so do the grades and the performance there. The kids at the same time use and understand the language with much more ease. This is also the start of abstract thought, where the pre programmed information and use it to create something new out side the program.

Segregation of the Sexes

The segregation that starts around eight remains an uneasy part of life in adolescence, boys and girls reunites in more individual way. Girls in general are easier going and more mature. Boys have a higher incidence of learning difficulties and over top behavior. But once the growth sets in boys they become physically stronger and more solid.

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