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Celebrating the Fourth of July - Baseball, Hotdogs, Apple Pie and Books!

Whether you enjoy a backyard barbecue , have a neighborhood parade, or watch fireworks in the park, nearly every family in America celebrates America's Birthday on the Fourth of July. Aside from hot dogs and sparklers, how much do kids really know about Independence Day? There are children's Book Gifts ages that are fun to read and give kids (and adults) a sense of the importance of this special holiday.

THE STORY OF AMERICA'S BIRTHDAY by Patricia A. Pingry is a board book for the youngest pre-readers to enjoy. It tells the story of America's independence in as few words as possible. This book provides a simple introduction to the Declaration of Independence and more. For little ones, this is a perfectly simple history lesson they can hold in their hands. HOORAY FOR THE FOURTH OF JULY by Wendy Watson is a fun book that focuses on the traditions of Independence Day. While it does not offer a history lesson, it is chock full of red, white, and blue patriotic fun as readers experience a small town celebration of the holiday. This is a terrific book to get in the mood for celebrating.
THE FOURTH OF JULY STORY by Alice Dalgliesh and Marie Nonnast is for a slightly older child who is ready to learn about the history of America's independence. Kids will find this story compelling, and parents can refresh their own knowledge of America's history. This is a great example of making history fun. text divider APPLE PIE FOURTH OF JULY by Janet S. Wong is a unique story and a very worthwhile read. This charming book tells the story of a little girl, the daughter of Chinese Immigrants who do not seem to understand the importance of the Fourth of July. She sadly watches the holiday festivities from her parent's store, but she is in for a pleasant surprise when customers flood the store in search of Chinese food. Ultimately, the family shares a traditional neighborhood celebration with fireworks and apple pie. Without being too preachy, this story encourages tolerance and celebrates differences among us all.
There are many ways to celebrate the Forth of July, and no matter how you honor the day take a little time to read! You just might learn something new.

About Barbara Bietz

Barbara Bietz is a writer from Oak Park, California. Her favorite pastime is reading children's books. Barbara enjoys writing for adults and children. Her work has appeared in numerous publications.

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