Los Angeles Children's Bureau

In July our focus is on how to Adopt a Child:

Our adoptive parents provide permanent homes for children who can no longer live with their birth families. For many children, adoption can be their only chance of experiencing a loving, caring family life. Often foster parents choose to adopt their foster child when it is not possible for the child to return home safely.

When a family is ready to adopt, Children's Bureau provides the information, services and support needed throughout the process and after the final papers are signed. We have a high success rate of families staying together because of our comprehensive approach to matching families with children, 24-hour support, weekly social worker visits, support groups, mentors, post-adoption services and more. Children's Bureau does not charge a fee for an adoption.

Wonder if you qualify?

Adults who are single or married may qualify to become adoptive or foster parents. You don't need prior experience with parenting but you do need to be patient, loving and willing to learn about the needs of the child in your care. Parents must also be able to provide a safe and nurturing home that has adequate space and complies with child safety regulations. Your income must be sufficient to meet your family's needs, however, financial assistance is provided to care for both foster and adoptive children. The entire process, including the free home study and various training, takes about four months or can take longer depending on the type of child a family desires.

Take the next step!

Children's Bureau's at Magnolia Place located at 1910 Magnolia Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90007. If you are not available on that date, please call (800) 730-3933 or go to our website www.all4kids.org and click on "How you can help!" for further information on becoming a parent to a child in need.