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Pot Holder Craft for Mother's Day

potholder for mom's day

You will need:

White pot holders or material to make potholders.
or Fabric Paint Markers

Decide on a design for the potholder. You may want to draw the picture first on a piece of paper and then copy it onto the potholder.

Use permanent markers to draw the picture onto the potholed or write a letter to your Mom. Make sure to put the date on the back.


Footprint Angel

 picure of angel made from child's foot and handprint

You will need:

Construction Paper

paint or felts

Glitter ( Optional )


Magnet Strip

Picture of your Child's face

Trace around a child's foot on a piece of construction paper. This will be the body of the angel.

Trace around both of the child's hands, these are going to be the Angel's wings. It looks better if the fingers are not spread too far apart.

Cut out the foot and both hands.

The toes are the bottom of the Angel and the heel is where the head will go.

Decorate the hands using the paint, crayons or markers. You can use the glitter on the wings to make them 'sparkle'.

Print this poem on the body of the Angel .

This little angel is special you see; Because she is a part of me. Her wings are my hands, Her body my feet, And on your fridge she'll look very sweet.

Let the paint /glue dry fully.

Attach the wings to the back of the body ( near the top ). Adjust to your liking.

For the face, cut out a close up picture of your child (or a picture out of a magazine will do ) . Glue it on the heel ( top) to complete the Angel.

The final touch is to glue the magnet to the back of the Angel . Your Angel is now ready for hanging on the fridge or giving as a gift.

Happy Mother's Day to all from Families Online Magazine

We hope your enjoy our Mother's days poems, arts and crafts. Such joy children bring to moms with these delightful crafts.