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Valentine's Handprint Keepsake

You will need:

1 Heart Shaped Container (cake pan, or plastic container large enough for your child's hand print)

2 Sculpey Clay (found at craft stores)

3 Plaster of Paris

4 Paper Clips

5 Acrylic Paint (optional)


1. Knead clay with your hands to soften.

2. Place the clay in one area of the heart container and press just enough so the clay will stay in one area of the container. You also want to make sure that all of the edges of the clay are attached to the container so the plaster does not flow between the clay and container.

3. Press child's hand into the clay. Press hard to leave a good impression.

4. Mix the Plaster of Paris as instructed on package.

5. Slowly pour the plaster, starting in the handprint area. Addenough plaster, about 1" thick in container.

6. Hold the container with both hands and tap on a flat service to release any air bubbles and to make sure that the plaster fills your child's hand impression in the clay.

7. Bend the paper clip slightly and set near the top in the plaster to hang from later.

8. As the plaster starts to set, the plaster will feel warm. Wait until the plaster is cool to the touch. Carefully take the plaster out of the heart shaped container. The plaster may still feel warm to touch depending on when you take it out of the container. Wait until it is cooler before taking the clay out of the plaster. If you try to do this too soon, you will end up with a real mess as some of the clay will have softened and will stick to the plaster!

9. After the plaster has set up, wait a few hours or over night. Paint the top of the plaster if desired or leave in its natural state. Try not to get any paint in the area where the clay was, or where your child's hand print is.

Happy Valentine's Day to All! Valentine Crafts, recipes and ideas for you from Families Online magazine. We hope you have truly lovely Valentine's Day!