Dr. Mary Riggin

By Dr. Mary Riggin, LAC,  FitFM – Family Wellness

For thousands of years, women and men alike have been using ancient techniques from the East to diminish the negative effects of the aging process on health and appearance.

The lines on your face are really a picture of  how the aging process has affected your overall health.  There are many modern techniques that can improve your appearance, but do nothing for internal health.   Oriental Medicine believes that outward beauty is achieved through inner health and balance.   Historically, those who maintained internal health using  Oriental Medicine benefited from the side effect of external health and beauty.  Today, this has developed into a fine-tuned art of focusing on both external beautification while improving internal health.

This very special protocol is now available to us in the West and is very different from what is typically used for beautification in today’s modern society.

Modern techniques commonly used to achieve a youthful complexion include a variety of treatments such as surgery or harsh chemicals.  For many, these techniques provide an outward improvement, but do not treat internal imbalances. For some, the side effects can be quite harsh and a few are left with either scarring, or no results at all.

Ancient Eastern beautification methods that have been used for thousands of years can attain results on the exterior by treating the interior, without any harsh side effects.  So the issues of sagging skin and wrinkles are looked at and treated both on the surface of the body as well as on the inside of the body.   In order to understand how this is achieved, it is important to understand a little about how this ancient medical system works.

Thousands of years ago, ancient physicians used various natural methods to balance the body’s systems.  This ancient practice is still used today for a variety of conditions, including facial rejuvenation.  Acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and Oriental massage are key components of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), a modern development based on 2500 years of research in what is commonly known as “Oriental Medicine.”  TCM’s effectiveness is due to its ability to directly restore balance to the body’s systems.  Acupuncture reprograms the body to a healthier state by establishing a balance throughout the body’s systems.  Recently, modern science has identified that acupuncture releases endorphins and improves blood circulation.

When used for facial rejuvenation, the treatment focus is to first balance the internal functions of the body as well as focus on areas of the face that have developed lines or sagging.  During a course of treatment, patients have reported that lines fade, necks become smooth and eyes and chins lift, sleep improves, stress is reduced, aches and pains fade.  Then, with proper maintenance and care, the manifestation of the aging process is slowed down.  At the same time, any internal imbalances that are identified are also treated.  The many beneficial side effects include improved internal health as well as deep relaxation.

What a way to renew your appearance; safe, effective and time tested with no harsh side effects.

On a personal note; I’ve personally experienced the benefits of this procedure.  For the past 12 years I’ve kept my “frown” lines from manifesting (without botox or any other toxic substance or harsh procedure) and no one believes I’ll be 50 years old this year!  I not only look better, but my health keeps getting better and better!

Dr. Mary Riggin

Dr. Mary Riggin,LAc,  FitFM - Family Wellness

Executive Director, Acupuncture Physician

Dr. Riggin is  FitFM - Family Wellness , is the Founder and Director of Healing Touch Oriental Medicine. As an inspiring health educator, in-demand speaker and doctor of acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, Dr. Mary has helped thousands of people completely turn their health around.

Dr. Mary co-hosts and produces the wildly popular radio show "Food is the First Medicine" and her presentations and viewpoints on natural healthcare have made her an in-demand and innovative expert in the natural health world.

Dr. Mary Riggin, produces and hosts Food is the First Medicine Talk Radio Show, and is a popular speaker.She has practices natural medicine in the Tampa Bay area; her passion and purpose is to help as many people as possible. Listen to her weekly on TanTalk 1340AM in Tampa Bay, or online anytime, anywhere at www.foodismedicine.org.

She is former Vice Chair of the Florida State Board of Acupuncture. She has been featured on various TV and radio shows and frequently teaches free classes at community and recreation centers throughout Pinellas County.

She is a published author and was featured in the book A Woman's Guide to Vitamins, Minerals and Alternative Healing, writes and publishes educational newsletters and brochures, and was elected to serve two consecutive terms as President of the Florida State Oriental Medical Association.
Dr. Mary Riggin
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