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5000 Miles
A Film About International Adoption

The subject of international adoption can be a complicated one. In recent months, a rash of celebrity adoptions has brought the subject to the forefront of mainstream media. The question remains however, what exactly makes a couple decide to travel across the globe to build their family through international adoption? This is the question a new documentary from filmmaker Michael Rozumalski attempts to answer. "5000 Miles" tells the story of Rozumalski and his wife, Amy and their quest to adopt a child from Poland.

However, there is a twist. The film is not told as a how-to story. Rather, "5000 Miles" tells the story of the emotional journey that is involved in an adventure of this monumental importance.

The film follows Michael and Amy from the very beginning of the adoption process in Milwaukee, WI. "As a filmmaker, it was instinct to document this very important process…" says Michael Rozumalski. "I didn't know what I would do with all the footage as the process went on, but I knew at the very least we would have a great video diary to show our future child how they became part of our family." The film has become much more than a simple video diary. It has been called "…the definitive film on the subject of adoption." Audiences have described "5000 Miles" very positively. "This is a breath of fresh air for people interested in adoption any where in the world or domestically" says one viewer. "…this has become one of my favorite movies. See it" says another. "What an amazing story! I highly recommend "5000 Miles" to anyone who has an interest in a real story about real-life" says a viewer who is currently going through the adoption process.

international adoptionIn-depth interviews throughout the 18 month process give the audience detailed insight into the emotional journey of building a family through adoption. "Many of the films I have seen about adoption don't cover the emotional roller coaster that you go through. It's more than just paperwork, it's a child… it's your future son or daughter and everything we went through during the process was going to lead up to the moment we met our child. That is what I wanted to capture, not the physical process, the emotional one." says Michael Rozumalski.

When asked about her quest to become a mom being captured on film, Amy Rozumalski says, "I think it's great that our daughter can see how she became the most important part of our lives. Now that the DVD has been released, we are hearing how the film is touching couples who are going through the same things we went through. If the film helps only one couple to become parents, that would be great as well."

international adoption expericences These days, Michael and Amy are enjoying being parents and love to hear from those who have seen the film and wish to share their adoption experiences. Michael Rozumalski says, "The success of the film has been a pleasant surprise, but the joy we have found in being parents overshadows the joy of the film's popularity. Our focus for right now is to love our daughter and watch her grow."

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