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>Asking Advice is a Sign of Strength

If you don’t want to ask for directions that’s one thing… Not getting advice is another…

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It’s one of the biggest jokes about men: We don’t ask directions.

We’ll drive around in circles. Get lost in neighborhoods we don’t know. Or walk the supermarket aisles searching for an item on the grocery list because we won’t ask for help. Being stubborn is fine when it only affects us. Different story when it affects our spouses and children.

When it comes to parenting, it’s only natural for us dads to feel a bit inferior to moms. After all, turn on the TV, read a children’s book, and almost everything is geared toward moms. Mom saved the day. Mom searched the world for her child and found her. Mom this, mom that. Who is this superhero mom? Does she really exist?

And what happened to dads? Are we chopped liver?

Nowadays, there’s a revolution taking place in fatherhood. I’m not sure if it’s being driven by dads who are tired of being the “helpers” and the “helpless”; or if it’s being fueled by fed up wives who are exhausted from doing it all.

Whatever is causing this revolution, fathers are taking a more active and more commanding role in the lives of their children. From diapering, to feedings in the middle of the night, there are many dads proving that they CAN do it as well as their female counterparts. And can be more then just a can-you-do-this-until-I-get-back parent.

For this revolution to really work, where fathers are involved, engaged in parenting as mothers, we dads must start doing what moms figured out long ago: That it’s not only okay to ask for help and get advice… but necessary. Be it from friends. From magazines. Or from parenting experts.

There are no magic answers to this incredible job of parenting. In some cases, it’s experimenting with a host of would-be solutions to try and find the thing that works for your child that one time. Nobody expects EITHER parent to know all the answers.
Society has engrained men to be strong. To be all-knowing. To be THE MAN. We should know know how “to solve” even life’s most difficult problems. But to gain the knowledge, we dads need to do more of what moms have done: Read and ask advice. Then read and ask some more advice.

So, if you want to drive around in circles trying to find your way. That’s your business. But if you truly want to be an equal partner in raising your kids you need to be educated. Not a know-it-all. Or I-don’t-know-anything.

Glenn Lawrence is editor of interactive DAD Magazine.
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