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Socrates said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.”  A pretty bold statement, don’t you think?  It appears to mean that the value of our very lives comes from our own examination of them.  No examination, not much value.  Might as well be dead.

Well… maybe, maybe not.  Personally, I don’t think our intrinsic value depends on our own self-examination; however, great value can come from examining your life and making changes for the better.  That’s the subject of my post today.

Now, I’m not suggesting that we all turn into philosophers, but I am suggesting that you seek to determine the meaning of events in your life.  I believe everything that comes about in your life – people, places, and events – has a meaning, and that you are the only one who can determine it.  Sound duanting?  Don’t worry, you can do it.

The meaning is out there waiting for you to grab hold of it, but you’ve got to look.  Seek and you will find.  Instead of just reacting to events, how about asking some questions?  Questions like:  Why is this happening?  How did it come about?  Did I create it?  Is it just bad luck?  What does it mean?  What can I learn from this experience?

Unfortunately too many people don’t want to ask themselves the hard questions, questions to which they might not like the answers.  Perhaps they have become seriously overweight and also have a sedentary lifestyle.  Then they develop diabetes or angina.  What questions do they ask?  What meaning do they ascribe?  Usually nothing significant except that they are aging and need to see the doctor.

But some others are willing to ask the hard questions to discover the hard truths.  Truths like this: Yes, I did create these illnesses through my behavior.  It’s happening because I have been living an unhealthy lifestyle.  This is a wake up call.  It means I need to change for the better – now while I have the chance! Save

Do you see the difference?  The latter person has a chance to become well, while the former spirals downward with ever increasing chronic illness.  This concept isn’t limited to physical wellbeing as in our example, but rather is critical for your total health – physical emotional and spiritual. 

Everything in your life – job stress, accidents, injuries, financial reversals, to name a few – can have a meaning that helps you respond and grow in total health.  But you have to seek it.  You have to find it.  And you have to respond.

Seek the meaning of events.  Ask yourself the hard questions.  Why are you sick?  Make the changes you know you should.  You can do it!


About the Author

Peter J. Weiss, MD, President of the More Health Less Care Alliance, is passionate for helping others to health and wellness. Author of More Health Less Care, “Dr. Pete” has recognized that traditional medical care isn’t helping many people to become well and, in fact, is a major part of the problem.  Visit Dr. Pete on the web at https://www.drpeterjweiss.com/ and join the Alliance at https://www.mhlca.com/.

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