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Back to School issue. Enjoy our Crafts, Recipes and Family Vacations. Get advice from our parenting, health and child development experts. Join Today's Family Leadership Council,take action to protect our kids.


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by Kelly Croslis

/> New Kid in School Everyone knows it's not easy to be the new kid in school. You haven't met the other kids yet, you don't know the routine of the class, and you still haven't figured out how to make the teacher happy. Sound familiar? Well, every year there are thousands of new kids around- but not the kind you might think. I'm talking about teachers.More New School Year

school uniformsSchool Clothes and Uniforms

Teen Fall Fashions for Back to School
by Jillian BietzThis autumn's comfort is rapidly becoming trendy in a big way. Its called bohemian or "boho" for short. Here are the top 7 necessary pieces you need into keeping your style trendy and chic

Back to School Crafts--School Lunches by Susan Sandar
School Lunch Tips
Back Pack Name Tag

Acupuncture and other alternative medicines may have finally broken the barrier into conventional realms. Dr. Ackerman's, Shotscolumn asks Are We Finally Becoming More Open Minded or is it Just a Question of Demand Must be Supplied? More on Acupuncture and Alternative Medicine.
Child Development

Safety Proof Your Summer by Christina Lorenzen
child safety outsideOutside comes naturally to most children. Just ride down any suburban street and the sounds of children yelling and laughing will fill the air as you drive. Though most of us take extra care when driving down the streets of our neighborhoods, fully aware that little heads may dart out at any time, most of us overlook our own backyard. More Child Safety

Kid Fun

Free Funny Jokes e-Book
Kid Fun -free games -crafts -jokes -puzzles - music - poems-and more.
Back to School Blues
by Patti Hermes
school busMy oldest will be starting First Grade this year, our first foray into the full school day. This is going to take some adjusting to (and I'd rather not think about my little boy growing up right now). Besides the intrusion into our lazy days by the adherence to the school calendar, I'm just going to miss my first-born being gone all day. More Back to School Blues

Christian Parenting
by Sylvia Cochran
Christian Children Who Rebel
From the Christian Parenting Corner: Sadly, a Christian upbringing is no guarantee for a trouble-free childhood/adolescence. Book review of Why Christian Kids Rebel: Trading Heartache for Hope by Dr. Tim Kimmel

Dad Sense
by Glenn Lawrence
Asking Advice is a Sign of Strength If you don't want to ask for directions that's one thing... Not getting advice is another. More Dad Sense
Life Tips

bottles of nail polish Stress and Pedicures
by Kellie Strausser

Only thinking of yourself continually, is not a healthy balance, but there are still many of us out there who fail to take the time to do something for ourselves at least occasionally. Stress builds in the body like the roots of a growing tree that bury deep into the ground over time, with each passing year.

Running Your Home Smoothly
by Melissa Ingold
From Mom's Corner --Ever feel like a tornado went through your house? In a matter of minutes, all your hard work crumbles before your eyes. The kids are into everything at once, yeah, "home sweet home". If you find things get out of hand more than it should More Mom's Corner


graduation party crafts recipesGraduation Party, Recipes and Crafts

wedding and baby showers
Shower Recipes
Baby Shower Games
Wedding Shower--Bridal Shower Games

wedding showers graduationPlan a Perfect Wedding Homemade wedding favors, wedding vows and toasts to make your wedding special. Have a wedding at a National Park (More Weddings)

Child Support

/> How to Collect Child Support, 3rd Edition ebook. State government child support agencies computers are required by federal law to do data matches with other government agency computers to find assets. Records matched include Department of Motor Vehicles, Taxation, Unemployment, Welfare, prison, and more. Bank account attachment is done under the Financial Information Data Match (FIDM) system. This is when government child support records are matched with private bank account data. Retirement 401(k) pension funds, Worker's Compensation, and Unemployment Compensation are attachable to collect child support. Learn Your legal right for collecting child support. More Child Support Enforcement

August 2005

Children's Book Awards
by Barbara Bietz

What's for Dinner?
by Chef Kellie Strausser
Tender Grilled Chicken

This recipe may not be fancy or foo-fooey, or difficult or gourmet, but it is some of the best grilled chicken you will ever eat by far.
Work At Home Moms
by Alana Morales

Calgon Take Me Away
As a mom, I always got a kick out of the old Calgon commercials. They would show a woman with great skin and no bags under her eyes and the audience was supposed to believe that she had enough troubles that she needed to "get away." Then she would draw herself a bath and calmly get in and somehow her troubles slipped away. More Work At Home Moms

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