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While for some people, autumn might be time to slow down and get ready for winter, for dog owners, it’s just another season that brings loads of fun with their furry friends. You and your fur baby can spend these chilly yet lovely autumn days being active together or trying fun, new activities.

1.  Have a family picnic

Organising a family picnic is a simple yet fun way to spend a sunny autumn day. This is a perfect opportunity for your entire family to bond with your fur baby and each other.

Equipment needed: You need to bring some essentials like a leash, harness, poop bags, water and food. You can also bring training treats if you’ve got a training lesson in the plan or a Frisbee for some fun.

Quick tips: Keep in mind that your baby will want to explore and run around, so make sure that you pick a park that won’t be crowded and with a lot of fun trails for exploration. In addition, you need to check whether the park is pet-friendly.

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2. Go trick-or-treating

This seasonal activity will guarantee lots of fun for you and your fur baby. Not only will you both dress up, but you’ll also be able to experience the entire Halloween atmosphere together and mingle with the neighbours.

Equipment needed: A great costume for your pup should be both stylish and comfortable. You’ll also need a leash and some dog treats both for your little one and other furry visitors that might come trick-or-treating.

Quick tips: During Halloween, everything comes to life brimming with excitement and enthusiasm which might be overwhelming for a pup. Make sure to go trick-or-treating before it gets too crowded.


dog with pumpkins3. Try stand-up paddleboarding

If you want to try something different, you should pack up your equipment and go stand-up paddleboarding. Not only will your pup be thrilled with this new activity, but they will also get some great exercise.

Equipment needed: You need to pack up several things for your day of paddleboarding: a non-retractable leash and harness, sunscreen for you and your pup, a floatation device for your furry friend (a must-have) and a waterproof phone case.

Quick tips: Before going into the water, you should let your pup get familiar with the paddle board using training treats. Then try paddleboarding in shallow water and go for shorter paddles at first.

4. Go for a hike

Exploring nature with your pup is always fun, especially if you’re exploring a completely new area. Spending time in nature will be good both for your fur baby and yourself – not only will you get some great exercise, but you’ll also escape from the city for a while.

Equipment needed: A leash and harness are definitely must-haves on your hiking trip because they will help you control your dog in case you come across other animals. You should also pack some essentials, such as treats, snacks, poop bags, food and water.

Quick tips: Autumn is full of potential dangers for your pet, such as fleas, ticks or ringworms, so you need to make sure that your fur baby stays safe and healthy. When it comes to autumn trips into nature, a flea treatment for dogs is one of the essentials that will keep them safe from hidden dangers.
Of course, taking care of your pup regularly is of the utmost importance, but getting this treatment will only enhance your pup’s safety.

dog with woman on mountain

5. Go on vacation

If you and your pup haven’t been away this year, you can pack your bags and go on vacation during the autumn season. You can visit a new country and enjoy all the perks of travelling during the off-season.

Equipment needed: Since you’re going away, you need to pack everything that your fur baby might need, including the basics like a leash, harness, poop bags, food kit, and additional items, such as toys, bedding, grooming supplies, etc.

Quick tips: Travelling with a dog can be quite challenging, so make sure to get prepared and educate yourself beforehand. In addition, make sure that the hotel you book is pet-friendly.

These great activities will ensure that the autumn days are filled with excitement for you and your pup.

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