Baby Safety 101

Every parent needs to remain of the dangers that lurk around the home. The easiest way to identify dangers and act accordingly is to make a mental checklist and remind yourself of some of the things that babies can get into. This list is not a fully developed list of protective measures; however it does serve to remind and make you aware of some of the obvious dangers that can be eliminated with proper baby proofing techniques!

Baby Safety Checklist

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  • Are all the outlets in your home covered?
  • Have you removed conventional doorstops that have removable plastic pieces which many kids choke on every year? Put door stops up high and make sure they are one piece construction.
  • Is your water heater set below 120 degrees? Anti scald devices can also be installed to make sure your kid is not burned. Remember it only takes 3 seconds for a child to be burned!
  • Do you have safety gates properly installed throughout your home? Keep in mind, any gate used at the tops of stairs must be installed! The tension type is not suitable for this.
  • Is your babys crib free of lead paint, and are the slats at least 2 3/8 inches apart (but no more) Check it for worn pieces and stability. Also, lower the mattress as soon as your baby can pull up in the crib. Is the mattress snug? If you can put your fingers or hand in the space between the mattress and crib frame, it is an entrapment hazard?
  • Is your home free of small pieces, toys, marbles, candy wrappers, coins, etc that can pose choking hazards?
  • Are you and everyone who cares for your child trained in CPR and the Heimlich maneuver?
  • Do you use non-slip rugs on hardwoods and in the bathroom?
  • Are the sides of your tub free of razors, soaps, cosmetics etc.?
  • Take a look at al the window coverings in your home, are the cords hanging down? If so, install cord holders and wraps to reduce strangulation risk.
  • Look for windows that a curious baby can crawl to and possibly fall out of. Never place furniture around windows. Install window locks.
  • Are all the doors, drawers and cabinets secured with locks? If not, this is an easy and useful fix and they come in all sorts of styles and designs?
  • Where are your cleaning and chemical solutions?
  • Walk around your home, can you see any hanging cords or appliances in reach?
  • Can your baby reach the oven door or stove knobs. If so, install knob covers and a bracket to hold the stove to the wall.
  • Look at all your bulky furniture. Is it stable? What if a child pulled or climbed on it, would it fall? Secure all heavy objects to the wall!
  • Check your stroller, high chair, baby seat and car seat to make sure that all of them adhere to current safety standards. Check for recalls! Make sure you are installing and allowing your child to ride in the appropriate position.
  • Do you maintain constant supervision around the home? Are emergency numbers posted in visible places? Do you keep a corded phone plugged in just in case there is a power outage?
  • Are all space heaters and fans moved out of reach and sight?
  • Do you have working fire detectors, CO2 detectors and smoke alarms in working condition throughout your home?

This check list will get you started. Cover the basics and then move on to padding corners, checking the fire place and searching through baby safety aisles to see what other baby proofing products will make your life easier. You have one chance to and to do it right! Take your time and constantly be prepared to upgrade and update your baby proofing standards.

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Christine LorenzenBaby Care and DevelopmentParenting,Parenting Baby and ToddlerBaby Safety 101Every parent needs to remain of the dangers that lurk around the home. The easiest way to identify dangers and act accordingly is to make a mental checklist and remind yourself of some of the things that babies can get into....Parenting Advice| Family Fun Activities for Kids