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Decorating in Baby Steps

When it comes to home decorating, many of us have an all or nothing mentality. If we can’t make over the entire room-whether it’s the bathroom, living room, dining room or bedroom-then we don’t even attempt any part of it. So what happens is the room stays the same year after year. The only thing changing is our frustration over the room not getting done!

It’s on our I’ll “get done when we have enough money” list. But the problem with that mentality is we put off today what we still end up putting off tomorrow. Then what happens? You guessed it. Years down the road, nothing has changed.

You don’t have to change every single thing about a room to spruce the room up. Start with the one thing you can afford to redecorate. If all you can afford to do is paint, then paint. Next month, tackle buying new baseboards, the next month, buy tile. If you redecorate just one portion of a room each month, by the end of six months, look how much further you are than when you put off doing it until you could afford it.

If I got a thousand dollar price tag to redecorate the bathroom, there are other things I can think of to use that money for, especially in today’s economy. But, if I see a new mirror that fits the dëcor and that mirror is only ninety-nine dollars, then that’s in the budget.

The point is that when it comes to redecorating, take a step forward even if it’s a baby step. At least you’ll be making progress.

Happy Decorating!

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