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Spring Spruce Up- Painting Baseboards

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for sale signSince we’re in the process of selling our home and buying another, we’ve looked at what seems to me to be a ton of homes. One key phrase came up over and over while we were looking this past weekend. “This home has not been well loved.” What a sad statement!

I certainly want my home to look well loved but what does that mean? I think it means people lose that excited feeling they felt when they first bought their home. Time has passed and taking care of or sprucing up just doesn’t seem as important as it once did..

painting baseboardsStart small. It’s the little things that add up and can make a difference to enhance your home. One suggestion if you don’t have the time, the energy or the finances to paint the rooms in your home is to paint your baseboards. Baseboards are often an overlooked part of home decor. Yet, they’re easy to do and the job can be completed in a few short hours. Just a simple coat of paint can liven them up and add a splash of color.

Worried about getting the paint on your carpet or floor? Tape the edge of the flooring with masking tape and tuck the edge of the tape up under the baseboard with a putty knife.

Happy Decorating!

Sonya Weiss

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