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Setting the Mood

bedtime storyAre bedtime battles getting you down?

More often than not, struggling with your babies or toddlers sleep pattern is much more about you, than your child.

Children look to you to gauge their reaction to every situation. If you approach bedtime with confidence, your child will sense this and follow your lead.

When establishing your bedtime routine set yourself up for success.

Bathing, changing, feeding and dressing your baby appropriately for the season should reassure you that all her physical needs are met so when it’s time for her to hit the hay. – She’s ready to go.

With toddlers, a book (ONE book) before bedtime and after a warm bath is a great way to help him wind down. Regardless of what your routine entails, consistency will make it effective.

Your child, will come to expect

“What comes next” when getting ready for bed and before you know it he will be on auto pilot, cruising from the bath to the bookshelf to the bed.

Creating a soothing sleeping environment for your child will help her associate her crib or bed with sleep time.

Setting your thermostat at 68, keeping her room free from clutter and visual distractions and having minimal lighting will create a calming, peaceful environment for her to dream away in.

Would you really want to wake up in the middle of the night to a glaring mirror above your face twirling around? What seems like a little distraction can turn waking for just a blink of an eye to wailing for what seems like an eternity.

Every mother (and night nanny) gets a tingle of distress when baby begins to cry from the crib.

If you know her physical needs are met, try your hardest, to separate your emotions from your actions.In doing this you’ll be confident that if she wakes up crying a half hour after she falls asleep, you’ll know that it’s not because she’s starving, in a drenched diaper or sweating from the three layers of clothing on a hot summers night – and are more likely to give her that few minutes she may need to fall back to sleep on her own.

What seems like hours may only be minutes before baby lulls herself back to dream land.When your older toddler yells “Mommy!” or sweetly asks you to come in for a hug it is certainly just as tempting to go in for a snuggle but remember if you do, you are creating the expectation that when he calls after he’s in bed, you will come running.

It may seem harmless to pick up your child after you put him down, to continually enter the room after he’s been tucked away or to play one more round of “just one more hug” but what are these actions conveying to your child?That bedtime can be extended at his will.

Now of course every mother knows when her child is truly sick, uncomfortable or in need of real reassurance and in those circumstances, by all means do what need to be done to soothe your child, but when it comes to the daily grind, put the brakes on at the end of your bedtime routine.

Have confidence that you know your child best and can decipher her cries.

Every mom in their gut can tell the tears of terror from the whimpers of wanting mommy. If you feel you must go in, try to maintain the sleep environment. Keep the lights off and gently walk over to your child. Rub her back and whisper mommy is here. After she calms down, exit the room and give her time to self soothe.

You may be surprised that just knowing that you were there was enough to lull her back to sleep.Bed time battles are bound to happen, but if you have a routine that you are consistent with you are sure to win every time. Well most every….


Michelle La Rowe

Michelle La Rowe

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