Bedtime Books Can Be Fun!

By Barbara Bietz

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Bedtime can be a challenge in some families, as kids beg for just “one more story!” We all love GOODNIGHT MOON, but there are other options. There are some terrific books that will delight your sleepy ones.

DO YOU KNOW WHAT I’LL DO is a classic story by Charlotte Zolotow.
This is the ultimate “quiet book” about a young girl and the love she shows for her brother through her dialogue, such as “Do you know what I’ll do when it snows? I’ll make you a snowman.” Endearing, gentle, and full of sibling kindness, this book was originally published in 1958, and has been updated with contemporary illustrations by Javaka Steptoe. If you can find a copy of the original book, it is equally appealing with charming, timeless illustrations.

THE NAPPING HOUSE by Audrey Wood and Don Wood is witty, rhyming, bedtime story featuring a granny, a child, a dog, a cat, a mouse, and a flea – all taking a nap in the NAPPING HOUSE! The illustrations are bold, colorful, and fun. This story is sure to delight even the wiggliest little ones.

For kids with a sense of humor, a fun alternative is BEDTIME STORIES FOR DOGS (also BEDTIME STORIES FOR CATS) by Lee Anne Jasheway, which is a series of silly bedtime tales featuring dogs such as, “The Three Little Pugs.” Kids who love dogs will love hearing these fun, far-fetched stories about our favorite pets. Who knows? A good story may even keep Fido from barking at bedtime.

When it comes to bedtime stories, it’s okay to be creative with your book choices. Of course parents should avoid books with scary topics, but as long as you are reading books your kids love, they will look forward to getting ready for bed!

Barbara Bietz

Barbara Bietz

Barbara Bietz, -Childrens' Books and Movie Section, is a children's author, magazine writer, children's book reviewer, and past chair of the Sydney Taylor Book Award Committee. She loves talking about the creative process, books and the craft of writing. Her middle-grade chapter book, LIKE a MACCABEE,(Yotzeret Publishing) is a PJ Library selection. Barbara reviews books and movies and has contributed to numerous print and online publications. She also teaches writing classes for adults. Learn more about Barbara at
Barbara Bietz

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