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Moving away from home is something all young people dream of, but moving to another country can be scarier than you expect. Moreover, if you move abroad in order to pursue an academic career, you could be facing lots of new challenges that might frighten you and put you off studying abroad. However, if you approach this decision in another way and realize how amazing the time you spend in another country could be for your future employment, you’ll see that it’s worth the struggle and be ready to do it.

So, if you too are contemplating such a move, here’s why studying abroad could turn out to be the best decision you’ve ever made.


Impress potential employers

A rich résumé and the ability to speak your mind are just some of the things all employers are looking for today, and if you have these things under your belt, no employer is going to resist you. Studying abroad is going to enrich your résumé and help you become more competitive, which is extremely important in this day and age when lots of people are trying to find the job of their dreams.

There are three ways to point out this experience on your résumé – under “education,” “experience” and “skills” – and it’s practically the same which idea you’ll choose. If you opt for the first one, be sure to include as many details as possible – where you studied, which classes you took, which academic degree you earned, etc. If you insist on experience, don’t forget to accentuate the amount of time you’ve spend abroad, and if you focus on your new skills, list as many of them as you can.


Improve your communication skills

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Talking to your friends and family is one thing, but articulating your ideas and thoughts to complete strangers is something totally different, especially if you do that in a foreign country. This will, however, play a major role in your hunt for the perfect job, so you’d better find a way to speak up as soon as possible. And that’s precisely what the experience of studying abroad will do for you.

Giving yourself a challenge and pushing your own boundaries is the only way to improve your professional skills, so if your future employers notice you’ve studied abroad, they’ll know you’re able to communicate and deal with lots of different people at the same time. Ultimately, this will make you a better candidate than anyone else and you’ll get the job more easily.


Perfecting your language skills

No matter where you’re from and what you do, you simply have to speak great English if you want to be good at your job. That’s why studying abroad, especially in an English-speaking country, will do wonders for your language skills.

However, if your English isn’t as good as it should be, you might not be eligible for a scholarship in certain countries, and that’s why you have to work on your language skills beforehand. This is what lots of young people in Hong Kong are doing at the moment, and they take one of those amazing Monkey Tree EFL courses that help them understand English more than ever and perfect their writing and speaking skills quite quickly. These courses are designed for students who are 16 or older, which is why they’re particularly great for those are planning to study abroad.


Building relationships

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Studying abroad means meeting different people from different countries and becoming friends with them. What it also means is developing a network of contacts all over the world, and that’s quite important when you’re looking for a new job. No matter where you want to work, you’ll be able to find a person you know and ask for help.

Working away from home isn’t easy, but it’s an opportunity to make all your dreams come true and realize all your potentials. Creating a wide network of contacts will help you find new job opportunities and you’ll always be able to rely on the people you’ve studied with to help you find the right job.


Studying abroad is probably going to turn into one of the most valuable experiences of your life and you’ll have the best time ever. You’re going to meet lots of new friends, boost your confidence, experience life out of your comfort zone, learn a few skills and understand what’s it like to be independent and responsible. All of these things will then help you in your professional life as well and your career will benefit more than you can imagine.

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