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Whether you’re shopping for your crush, boyfriend, fiancé or husband, there are so many options to choose from and you need to find the best one. So, this holiday season, give your man a present he’ll be talking about until the next Christmas. Although buying gifts for men seems simpler than purchasing something for a woman, you can’t just opt for something simple and practical, and consider your job done. If you spend some time analyzing your man’s hobbies and interests, you could really blow his mind. From stylish accessories and clothing to practical gadgets and gift cards, you can spend your entire paycheck or pick a more frugal and creative approach that doesn’t force you to break the bank.

All-time favorites

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The ideal gifts for all the adventurers out there range from the newest GoPro camera, a PlayStation console or basically anything from the Apple store – for those with a bigger budget – to a premium shaver, a set of portable speakers or a hipster Polaroid camera, for those who want to save some money, yet still be creative. Besides that, you can’t go wrong with choosing a trendy watch which all the collectors will appreciate.

Adding a new item to your man’s collection is the safest option out there and taking him to the shopping mall and investigating the perfect model can be a guarantee for picking something he already had on his mind, too. Help your man be well organized and get him one of those smart wallets and he’ll be thankful the next time he goes to a store without having to bring a big wallet. Of course, the newest book by his favorite author is a great way to show him you’re familiar with his interests and like the fact that he’s a true bookworm just like you.

Turn your man into a fashionista

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If your man likes those Birmingham boys from Peaky Blinders and spends his free time learning their lingo, then a flat cap may be the perfect item to finish up his look – these have been making their comeback anyways! Of course, there isn’t anything cuter than snuggling with your boo on Christmas morning wearing a winter wool jumper with snowflakes and reindeers. Add socks and boxers in the same pattern and your man will be the definition of the holiday spirit.

If you wish to make sure he’s the handsomest guy at your office party, pick him a tie and a shirt that complement a scarf he already has, and your colleagues will be jealous of your partner and his perfectly styled outfit. Although it’s winter, why not choose new sunglasses and give your honey a little hint that his old frame is a bit out of style?

Work necessities

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We all love to see our man working hard and we can make that work better and safer for him. Small items like travel mugs for a warm cup of coffee every morning, small notebooks, pencils and planners can come in handy for keeping your man focused on his tasks. If he’s in the construction business, you could buy him quality safety clothing and make sure he’s safe and sound every single day.

Alternatively, you can make everything even more personal by giving him a monogrammed item for his desk or a handcrafted wooden station for his phone, charger, keys and headphones. To ensure your man commutes safely, surprise him with a new car GPS unit and add a few special places to the favorites – the place where you had your first date, the spot where he proposed to you and your favorite restaurant – and he’ll definitely be moved by this feature.


Make things interesting

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Surely, it’s great to have a present you can look at for ten or twenty years, but why not try to create lifelong memories instead? If you and your man like to socialize, think about beer coasters, a vintage turntable, a cocktail kit, some barbeque essentials or draft beer equipment. What your man wouldn’t expect are seasons tickets for his favorite sports team, a coupon for skydiving or a true camping experience for him and his buddies.

Help him be active and enjoy the outdoor life by going for an aesthetic bike and all the additional gear end explore the area you live in together. Also, a voucher for an adrenaline park or even a shooting range can be a great way to try out something new and get out of your and his comfort zone.


Don’t go for plain perfumes when you can be much more creative than that, and choose a gift your man won’t let go. It’s all about the attention, not how expensive a gift is, so listen to what your partner won’t stop talking about and go for that.


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