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I’ve always loved the month of October. It’s probably because of the cooler weather which is so welcome after the hot Texas summer as well as the beauty of the changing leaves. I’ll also confide that I like this month as it is the month I was born’on the 19th at 12:25 a.m. to be exact. Maybe that’s why I’m a night person!
I can’t really recall any gifts I’ve been given, but I do have wonderful memories of birthday cakes and people singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to me as well as lovely’or funny’cards. One of my grandmothers used to make me a coconut layer cake with the middle layer pink. My mother often makes me a chocolate pie with a candle in it for my ‘cake’ as she knows how much I love it! I really feel that our birthday is a special day and, although we can’t control actions of others to remember ours, we can lead the way by remembering the birthdays of our family and friends. At minimum, send a card they will treasure or call and sing the birthday song to them. If this person is especially close, then a gift and a cake is probably what will make them feel important on their special day. If you could see my appointment book, you would notice many reminders of when to mail birthday cards so I don’t let anyone important to me slip by without remembering them. My dogs even have birthday celebrations and get the doggy ice cream Frosty Paws!

Celebrating birthdays may seem obvious, but I talk to so many children who live in a home where birthdays are not special or the home is too busy and they think there is no time to make (or buy) a cake and put some candles on it. Or there was cake and a party when they were young but, now as teens, parents think it’s not important. Or sometimes we just get so busy that it’s low on our priority list and we make our excuses (as if there weren’t 364 other days to shop and buy that card or gift). That’s so sad to me.

Last month I surprised my Mother with twenty friends for dinner at a restaurant on her birthday. She has kept the cards she received and has them on the table beside her recliner so that she can look at them over and over.

Who do you know celebrating a birthday in October? Buy your cards ahead of time and make your reminders so that you recognize people on the day they were brought into this beautiful world. It’s also a great example to show our children how to treat others.

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Sharon Scott

Sharon is the author of eight award-winning books including four on the topic of peer to peer pressure.

The guide for parents/educators on how to peer-proof children and teens is Peer Pressure Reversal: An Adult Guide to Developing a Responsible Child, 2nd Ed.

Her popular book for teens, How to Say No and Keep Your Friends, 2nd Ed., empowers kids to stand out,not just fit in!

A follow-up book for teens, When to Say Yes! And Make More Friends, shows adolescents how to select and meet quality friends and, in general, feel good for doing and being good.

Sharon also has a charming series of five books for elementary-age children each teaching an important living skill and "co-authored" with her savvy cocker spaniel Nicholas who makes the learning fun.Their book on managing elementary-age peer pressure is titled Too Smart for Trouble.
Sharon Scott
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