By Jillian Bietz – As summertime comes to a close, it’s the perfect time to stay up late or even all night long, with a good book.



If you are looking for a creepy mystery or a paranormal escape, check out one of these eerie novels!

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs

Growing up, sixteen-year-old Jacob’s grandfather told stories about the magical orphanage located on an island near Wales where he grew up where children had magical powers. He even had pictures. Yet as he gets older, Jacob stops believing in the fairytales, and chalks it up to tall tales and optical illusions. Jacob and his family believe that his grandpa created the stories to mask his childhood as a Jewish refugee during the war, and that the monsters he speaks of were actually Nazis. Yet when his grandfather is horrifically murdered, Jacob witnesses something unexplainable, and starts to wonder if maybe his grandfather’s stories were true. But all that’s left is his box of very strange photos. So he sets off the mysterious island, and explores the now dilapidated Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. And what he finds is along a lot more dangerous than peculiar. Peppered with odd, creepy old photos, this is a thrilling novel.


Imaginary Girls by Nova Ren Suma

Fourteen-year-old Chloe idolizes her older half-sister Ruby. In fact, everyone loves Ruby. She is wild and free, and always gets what she wants. She is a star in their upstate New York town. Everyone wants to be liked by Ruby. While Chloe is certainly not as popular, the sisters are best friends. They have a very special bond and Ruby would do anything for Chloe. One night after a party, though, something goes horribly wrong. Ruby challenges Chloe to swim across the reservoir, which she of course does, and finds the dead body of a classmate, London. After the event, Chloe is sent to live with her estranged dad. She and Ruby nary speak until two years later, Ruby shows up asking her to come back home so thinks could be just like they were. Chloe obliges and is shocked when she returns. Nothing has changed; London is still alive. Is Chloe an unreliable narrator or is there something psychologically sinister going on?

Forgotten by Cat Patrick

In the middle of the night-always at 4:33 AM-sixteen-year-old London Lane’s memory is erased. Apart from the meticulous reminders she writes herself and the guidance of her friends, London has no recollection of the past, but she can see her future. And she can only remember people and things if they are part of her future as well. Paired with “regular” teenager issues, London’s life is quite complicated. Then new student Luke Henry enters London’s life. She is instantly intrigued by him, and doesn’t know why he is not present in her future. Exactly who is he? Soon London starts seeing upsetting, scary things for her future. Turns out that lurking in the past are many secrets. And London needs to find out what really happened in her past before she can get to the future.





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