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Graduation Bookworm Styrofoam Ball Craft

Acrylic Paints (in school colors)

Paint Brush

Styrofoam Balls 1-1/2"

Chenille Assortment

Construction Paper br>
Wiggly Eyes

Tacky Glue


Craft Directions

Paint each of the foam balls. Let dry.

Paint the cheeks of the worm, paint the mouth and nose with Black.

Break the toothpicks in half. Apply glue to each end of the toothpick, then use the toothpicks to join two balls (worm segments) together. Join four balls to create the worm. Join the head to the uppermost part of the last segment.

Paint "spots" randomly on the top part of each segment with a lighter shade of the body color. Let dry.

Glue the wiggle eyes on the face.

Cut eight 2 inch pieces of chenille stem. Poke four pairs of legs opposite each other at the bottom side of the worm's body. Bend "feet" at the end of each leg.

To make the graduate cap: Cut a square of black construction paper. Using the discarded piece of paper, cut a long strip. Make a circle with the strip and glue or staple it in place. You might have to cut the strip down to fit the worms head. Once the circle is dry, if you used glue, then run a bead of glue along the top edge of the circle and place in the center of the square you cut out earlier. Let dry completely.

Glue the graduate cap on the worm's head.