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Being a full time mom is hard work, you spend most if not all of your time running around looking after kids, washing clothes, cooking and generally anything but worrying about how fashionable you are.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t or can’t be fashionable and stylish; it just means you need to learn how to do so in a simple and quick way. So when you don’t have time to spend every weekend clothes shopping, how can you put together a simple, stylish wardrobe that will keep you looking fashionable but without the constant up keep?


Step 1: Clear Out

When you feel like you have nothing to wear, or maybe that you always wear the same tired old outfits, there is probably one simple reason for that: You have too many clothes!

When you are free and single you can spend as long as you want planning your outfits, but when you are a busy mom you simply don’t have time, and as a result having too many clothes simply means that you forget what you have and you often lose your best items in a sea of stuff that you never wear any more.

So before we go shopping, sort out your clothes, donate whatever you don’t wear and put all of those “occasional’ items to one side out of the way. Dedicate your main wardrobe space to your favourite, practical every day essentials and you will really take the effort out.

Step 2: The Basics

It is possible to have dozens of fashionable tops and pants/skirts and only have a few outfit combinations we don’t want that. What we want is to have minimal items and maximum combinations, and that is achieved by making sure we have the must have, basics.

fashion basic pieces

Go through your wardrobe and check how many items (tops, blouses, skirts, dresses etc) that you have which fit the following criteria:

Colors match other items in your wardrobe, works with pants or skirts, etc…

The key is to avoid any items which don’t really match the other items in your wardrobe. You might have a lovely red top but if it only goes with one pair of pants then it’s not much help when those pants are in the wash.

The best items are the ones that go with many other items in your wardrobe; this gives you lots of opportunities to mix and match your styles effortlessly.

Step 3: Under Represented Items

Every wardrobe needs a selection of certain types of item. Here are a few:

Summer dresses, skirts, pants, shorts, t-shirts, sweaters, blouses, shirts, shoes. The list goes on and I’m sure you already know what your favourites are.

Go through what you’ve got and look for any categories you are weak on. If you have dozens of nice winter skirts but only 1 or 2 sweaters to match, you are probably limiting your options.

Step 4: Go Shopping

The fun part; hopefully by now you know what you actually need, so when you have the time, make a shopping trip and try to cover those basics. Resist the urge to buy items that fall into those over represented categories remember; it doesn’t matter if you see the perfect winter skirt, until you even out the top half of your wardrobe you’ll never wear it anyway.

Some might find this a little boring but setting yourself a certain color palette based on what you’ve already got is a good way to make sure all your purchases match. Aim to make sure you have at least 1 of the following items in at least 2 colors that match your palette (and avoid buying items which don’t):

Dress Pants

Casual Pants


Long Sleeve Top

Summer Dress

Longer Dress





Step 5: Accessorize

Once you have covered your bases you can get a little bit more creative with accessories. Necklaces, scarves and wraps can be much more colorful and still go very nicely with an outfit, so by keeping your basic clothes simple and putting some imagination into your accessories you can make your life much easier but without having to sacrifice style.

basic acessories

There are no real guidelines to follow here, just think about what sorts of colors and styles of accessory will best compliment the outfits you most like to wear. Don’t build outfits that rely on accessories, but ones that can easily be complimented if the mood takes you.


Being fashionable and looking good doesn’t have to take a lot of effort at all, just a little forethought and sensible shopping. It can take some will power, but if you set yourself certain rules on what styles and colors you can’t buy, you will make your life so much easier and you will look stylish effortlessly.





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