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canada day braceletMaterials:



Tacky Glue

Construction Paper

Cut strips of paper that are 2 inches wide (thinner if you want a dantier bracelet) and 11 inches long. You'll need 4 red strips and 4 white strips.

Now tape all the white strips together end to end (so you have one LONG white strip) and all the red strips together end to end (so you have one LONG red strip).

Accordian fold the strips (place them like an L and then fold over each other in an alternating pattern... see diagram below... solid colours are the front and slashed colours the back of the paper)

When you run out of paper, trim ends as necessary and tape so it doesn't unravel.

Roll into a circle and tape to form a bracelet (see photo for how it looks)

how to make bracelt infograph