Canada Day Make Canada Day Special Create a lasting memory with this trading card family fun photo craft.Make Your Own Trading Cards-- Photo Craft

Canada Day Bracelet
Maple Leaf Magnet
Sidewalk Chalk
Handprint Canada Day Flags
Canadian Flag Beaded Safety Pin
Maple Leaf String
Canada Day Party Plant Pot
Canada Day Fan
Canadian Popcan Wrap
Canada Day Noisemaker

Canada Day Noisemaker

Materials Needed:

2 Paper Plates

Crayons or Paint

Crepe Streamers

Dried Beans

Stapler or Tacky Glue

Decorate the paper plates using red and white paint or streamers.You can also add maple leaf stickers, etc.

Put one paper place on the table, with the right side up. Place the other paper plate on top of the first one, right side down. This will make a gap in the middle.

Start stapling the edges together. Leave an opening at the top to slide a handful of dried beans in (you can also use rice or unpopped popcorn!).

Finish stapling it shut.

You are now ready to make some noise!