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Canada Day Party Plant Pot

This 4" terra cotta pot can be used to hold napkins and utensils at a Canada day party.


4" terra cotta pot

printer, paper and >Scissors

Tacky Glue

Maple Leaf printable pattern

Red and White Tempra Paint works, but it isn't water proof.

Spray Varnish over tempra paint! Make sure you coat the inside of the pot as well as the outside.


Paint the pot white.

Paint the rim of the pot red

Set the pot aside to dry (it takes about an hour)

Print out the template of maple leaves.

Cut out the template pieces. You won't need them all for one pot, but I gave extras.

When the pot is dry, add a second coat of paint as necessary. Let dry again.

When the pot is dry and you're happy with the coverage of the red and white, glue the maple leaves around the pot in whatever pattern desired. Just dab it on with the paint brush and let it dry.

Fill the pot with utensils and napkins or with treats for your guests.

After the party, put a plant in it.