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Canadian Popcan Wrap

What You Need

Craft Foam Sheet (Red and White)

Adhesive 1" Velcro Hook

Adhesive 1" Velcro Loop >




Tacky Glue

Maple Leaf printable pattern

How To Make It

Cut a piece of white foam out of the sheet that is 10 cm by 24 cm (4" by 9.5").

Cut a piece of sticky back Velcro that is 10 cm (4") long.

Put the Velcro on each side at the edge of the white foam. (One piece on the front to the left, one on the back to the left.)

Fold the white foam around a can to make sure it fits. Secure the Velcro and make sure it will hold in place.

Remove the white foam and lay flat. Let the Velcro sit overnight to "cure" or it may not stick if used too soon.

Print the Maple Leaf.

Cut out the pattern and trace it onto the red craft foam.

Cut the maple leaf out of the red foam.

Glue it onto the white foam where you want it.

Let the glue set.

Wrap the foam around the can and enjoy! It will keep your can insulated and will keep your hands dry.