Canada Day Make Canada Day Special Create a lasting memory with this trading card family fun photo craft.Make Your Own Trading Cards-- Photo Craft

Canada Day Bracelet
Maple Leaf Magnet
Sidewalk Chalk
Handprint Canada Day Flags
Canadian Flag Beaded Safety Pin
Maple Leaf String
Canada Day Party Plant Pot
Canada Day Fan
Canadian Popcan Wrap
Canada Day Noisemaker


What You Need:

Poster paper

Tempera Marker

Paper towels

An old shirt or paint smock >


Optional - red and white fabric

Cut the poster paper into a rectangular flag shape.

*Keep in mind the size of the hands used for this project when you cut the paper -- the larger the hands, the larger the paper will need to be to accommodate the size.

The next step is to create two blocks of equal size on either edge of the rectangle. These will be the red sections of the flag.

Paint these sections red and let dry.

Now comes the messy part ... you dip hands into the red paint to create a maple leaf pattern. Three hand prints are needed It is recommended that you try a few test maple leaves on scrap paper.

When the hand print leaf is complete, add a small stem to the bottom to complete the picture.